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Duragloss Ultimate Detail Spray (DS) #265

Duragloss Ultimate Detail Spray (DS) #265
Give an instant shine to all exterior rubber!

Duragloss Ultimate Detail Spray #265 is a blend of synthetic silicones in a convenient aerosol spray. It gives a wet look appearance with one easy application. Ultimate Detail Spray works great on tires (black or whitewall), bumpers, moldings, door jams, and AC vents. DS #265 is also a great lubricant that eliminates squeaks, loosens rusted bolts and keeps all rubber parts flexible. DS #265 also restores the new look to engine compartments (hoses, wires, etc.)

Duragloss Ultimate Detail Spray is an instant detailer for exterior trim and moldings. It instantly adds gloss to the most weather-beaten areas of your vehicle with a high gloss synthetic silicone formula. These synthetic silicones bond to the surface of the rubber for a long-lasting, wet-look shine.

Packaged in a convenient aerosol can, Duragloss Ultimate Detail Spray is designed for busy detailers to put a finishing touch on a just-detailed vehicle. Just spray and walk away. The spray requires no buffing or wiping to get a perfect shine on exterior rubber tires and trim.

Regular use of Duragloss Ultimate Detail Spray keeps rubber flexible. Prevent door jambs from drying out and maintain the flexibility of rubber hoses underneath the hood - Duragloss Ultimate Detail Spray does it all.

Duragloss Ultimate Detail Spray doubles as a lubricant so you can finally eliminate that squeaky car door!

Use Duragloss Ultimate Detail Spray #265 for the perfect finishing touch on exterior rubber tires, moldings, bumpers, and trim.

10 oz. aerosol can

Federal regulations prohibit the shipment of aerosol products by air.
This item is shipped by UPS Ground only.

Duragloss Ultimate Detail Spray (DS) #265
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Duragloss Ultimate Detail Spray (DS) #265
4.5 Stars based on 4 Review(s)
5 Stars

Works Well!
May 7, 2013
I've used this on engines, and works well. I just found another use, atvs! I sprayed my entire atv with this, and it looked brand new afterwards! Great for what it's designed for!

4 Stars

Very good product!
June 6, 2012
This is a good product used it on my engine, and used it on wheel wheels and tires, its very glossy but , i dont mind the glossy tire look, but its fantastic on the engine, after you drive it and let the heat work it in some more the shine dulls out leaving a nice pleasant natural look, my engine was cleaned prior to the with amazing roll off and in combination with the 265 engine looks brand new.

3 Stars

Poor performance
April 23, 2012
I bought this because I thought it might replace the more expensive Chemical Guys Black on Black. It doesn't. It is much wetter going on. It's too shiny. Overspray is much worse. And it doesn't cover as well. I'm disappointed in the performance and will stick to Black on Black. I'll only be using this DG 265 for wheel wells and other undercarriage plastics. Perhaps my expectations were improper so I'm going with 3 stars because it is a spray and it does make plastic shiny. But I won't buy it again.

5 Stars

greatist tire&trim ever
November 18, 2006
Duragloss Ultimate Detail Spray is the best shine product that i have ever used. No run off,long lasting,you can use it on anything that you want to shine or lube.It's the best***