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Duragloss Vinyl & Leather Dressing (UD) #201

Instant enhancement for vinyl & leather surfaces!

Duragloss Vinyl & Leather Dressing is a blend of synthetic polymers which adds luster and softens vinyl and leather. Duragloss UD penetrates quickly and will not leave a greasy residue to attract dust and soil. A special fragrance gives the vehicle's interior a clean, fresh scent.

Duragloss Vinyl & Leather Dressing is a penetrating dressing that restores the like-new luster and texture to automotive leather and vinyl surfaces. Rather than leaving an artificial gloss on the surface of the material, Duragloss UD hydrates and replenishes leather and vinyl by absorbing into its pores.

Duragloss Vinyl & Leather Dressing’s subtle luster does not attract dust like slippery silicone dressings. Nor will it come off on your clothes. It produces a lasting satin finish that enhances the natural beauty of leather and vinyl.

Duragloss Vinyl & Leather Dressing is made with a blend of synthetic polymers to provide a durable finish.

To further enhance your vehicle’s interior, Duragloss Vinyl & Leather Dressing leaves a clean, fresh scent.

Packaged in a convenient pump spray, Duragloss Vinyl & Leather Dressing is a breeze to apply. Mist the desired surface and wipe with a soft Cobra Microfiber Towel or applicator pad.

Instantly improve the look and feel of your vehicle’s leather and vinyl with Duragloss Vinyl & Leather Dressing.

8 oz.

Duragloss Vinyl & Leather Dressing (UD) #201

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Duragloss Vinyl & Leather Dressing (UD) #201
5 Stars based on 4 Review(s)
G Hayner
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Duragloss vinyl conditioner.
July 14, 2016
It works to revive vinyl better than armorall. Need to apply a couple of times to bring out the color more.

5 Stars

Works as described
May 30, 2011
Applied to a very neglected interior after a good APC scrub. The finish is very soft with almost no sheen. The smell is pleasant and clean. Really appreciated what it did to the leather in the vehicle after it had received no care for probably 1-2 years. I do not believe this is a restore type product but more of a clean and enhance type of offering. My new goto interiior detailer

Mike T
5 Stars

Top Notch
February 20, 2007
I tried this stuff as a last resort on the vinyl top of with wife convertible jeep. Which mind you was beat up pretty bad from UV and general exposer. Applied on coat, let sit, then buffed off. It brought the vinyl back to life, but one coat wasn't enough for some areas so I applied a second coat. The vinyl top has never looked so good. Plus it resist rain pretty well.

John Newton
5 Stars

5 stars
January 5, 2007
THis is the best product out there. I just wish that I could buy it at a store somewhere on the west coast of Florida. Thanks, John Newton