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Duragloss Total Performance Polish (TPP) # 105

Duragloss Total Performance Polish (TPP) # 105
One year of durable synthetic protection!

Duragloss Total Performance Polish is a synthetic Polymer/Wax Formula. Super-tough coating forms a protective barrier which protect against acid rain, tree sap, bird droppings and other environmental pollutants.

Duragloss Total Performance Polish is a cleaner and polish in one that improves and protects the paint surface for an incredibly durable finish. The tough, synthetic coating stands up to harsh environmental conditions such as pollution, acid rain, intense sun, sap, and bird droppings. The durable finish protects paint for up to one year.

Duragloss Total Performance Polish is so durable that it resists both acidic and alkaline cleaners. When the labels of Duragloss’ Bug Remover andWater Spot Remover say they will not remove durable polishes, this is the durable polish they’re referring to. TPP #105 shields the paint through automatic car washes, acid rain and spot cleaners for up to a year.

To get the maximum longevity out of Duragloss Total Performance Polish, apply a coat of Duragloss Polish Bonding Agent to the paint first. Allow it to dry to a haze but do not buff. Apply Duragloss Total Performance Polish on top of the haze and buff them both off at the same time with a soft microfiber towel. The PBA works as an epoxy to bond the Total Performance Polish to the paint for tough, durable polymer coating. This is a great combination of products for winter paint protection.

Duragloss Total Performance Polish has an attractive shine, too. To enhance the reflection and gloss, top it with Duragloss Aquawax #951.

Preserve and protect your vehicle’s paint for up to a year from adverse weather, environmental pollution, acidic and alkaline cleaners, with Duragloss Total Performance Polish #105.

16 oz.

Duragloss Total Performance Polish (TPP) # 105
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Duragloss Total Performance Polish (TPP) # 105
5 Stars based on 14 Review(s)
New Jersey
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Most durable product I have used!
April 20, 2014
I have tried many products over the years, and few meet the durability they claim. I applied the bonding agent and 105 to my Focus ST in November before winter kicked in. We had a brutal winter, and I only touchless washed my car 3 or 4 times in almost 6 months. Last weekend I hand washed it and used #951 as i was drying and the car looks AMAZING! It is one of the best looking products I have used on black, and today I used it on our white diamond tricoat Enclave and it really makes the pearl pop. In my opinion this is the best product for winter durability I have ever used, and I have used a ton.
Looks great on Black Price Durability

5 Stars

Using it since 2007
December 13, 2013
I use the bonding agent also. I use Meguiars Ultimate detailer and it lasts. Easy on and off. LASTS. I also use the car wash and I love it because it adds etc. polymer onto the paint. I've used and spent money on expensive sealants,etc. I'm on a budget. I got lucky with all of the above.

5 Stars

Off the charts
April 29, 2013
The 601/105 combo is off the charts in terms of price, local availability, slickness, looks, and durability. If there is another sealant that can provide all these things, I have yet to find it. If this were the only sealant I could buy, I'd be a happy camper...but its more than just a sealant. It cleans the paint well, and the look is fantastic, especially on dark paint.

5 Stars

Duragloss #105
June 18, 2012
I been using 601 and 105 in a 4 to 1 ratio result and time saver is amazing folks give it a try you will not be disappointed, promise.

5 Stars

Outstanding Performance
May 19, 2011
Best performance out of a sealant yet. Combined DG #105 with DG #601 (polish bonding agent) and applied one coat to car, lasted the duration of Winter through road salt and touchless car washes. After 4 months I decided to top with Duragloss Aqua Wax after washing with Duragloss Car Wash Concentrate to enhance that wet look.

5 Stars

July 25, 2010
Lay down a killer combo of 601/105 and you are bullet proof for 6 months easy. I would put the shine up against any sealant, wolfgang, four star, zaino, rejex etc.. And durability, yeah I will go there and say it blows everything out of the water. My choice is 501 24 hr later 601/105. top with 951 once a month. NOTHING can compete with this for the money you pay.

5 Stars

Great stuff
April 9, 2010
I tried this before winter, I think it's great. Just as good as Zaino. I used the accelerator too and soap. Excellent.

5 Stars

Love that 105 TPP
February 24, 2010
I put 2 coat of the 105 TPP on my 2008 (black) GL450 Mercedes and it looks amazing. I have a lot of extra Chrome along with 22" x 10.5" Chrome Wheels on it. The TPP gave me the show shine and luster that I was looking for.

5 Stars

November 17, 2009
A+ for an amazing product and customer service from AG and the duragloss tech line. I had a couple technical questions and the person on the phone was easy to reach and extremely helpful. Made the paint on my brand new black super duty look and feel better then showroom condition.

Mike S.
5 Stars

Very nice!
June 4, 2009
A great all in one product. Less finicky than some of the competitors. Extreme durability, even through Iowa winters - and a great value to boot! Thanks AG!

5 Stars

Just as good as Zaino
May 26, 2009
I used this and was surprised it was similar to Zaino. I tried it against 3 other Zaino products. Actually smelled and looked like one of Zaino's I had. It went of and on easy. You can also buy this at some NAPA and Carquest stores

4 Stars

Nice Product
January 25, 2009
Works well and is easy to put on. The shire is good, but not great.

5 Stars

Duragloss #105
December 17, 2007
There is no other like Duragloss #105. You can't get results like this for the amount of money you will spend, ANYWHERE, PERIOD! You MUST buy this product if you seek perfection for the best price. It is an amazing product and is sure to go down in the history of BEST automotive finish products. The PRICING is main draw for this quality of product.

Justin - part time detailer full time enthusiast
5 Stars

the best of the line
May 29, 2007
Best product of the entire Duragloss line..long lasting and amazing results...and for 10 bucks its a great value!