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Duragloss Glass Cleaner #761

Duragloss Glass Cleaner #761
Remove smoker’s film with this tint-safe glass cleaner!

Duragloss Glass Cleaner is formulated to clean tinted windows, windows, mirrors, windshields and chrome. Duragloss GC removes road film, smoke residue, bugs etc., without streaking. Glass Cleaner #761 contains no ammonia and is window-tint safe.

A quality glass cleaner is something every driver should have. Duragloss Glass Cleaner is a tint-safe, non-ammoniated glass cleaner that effectively cleans glass to improve the car’s appearance and the driver’s visibility. Simply stated, this is a good glass cleaner.

Duragloss Glass Cleaner is ideally formulated for inside glass because it removes the most stubborn of all window contaminants: smoker’s film. Many glass cleaners just spread the film around but Duragloss Glass Cleaner effectively cuts through smoker’s film and wipes streak-free. Plus, it is completely safe on window tint.

On exterior glass, Duragloss Glass Cleaner removes bugs and road film easily. Clean the chrome, too. Though glass and chrome are highly reflective and streak-prone, Duragloss Glass Cleaner leaves nothing but a clean, clear shine.

For the best results, use the Cobra Waffle Weave Microfiber Glass Towel to clean with Duragloss Glass Cleaner. Wipe the glass in long strokes up and down, and then side to side. Flip the towel often.

Get consistent, streak-free results on automotive glass and chrome with Duragloss Glass Cleaner #761.

22 oz. trigger spray

Duragloss Glass Cleaner #761
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Duragloss Glass Cleaner #761
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
5 Stars

Fast Cleaning
June 14, 2009
Excellent product when used with fiber cloth towels - makes cleaning windows a breeze