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Double Dolly

Double Dolly
Save time with the two-bucket wash system on wheels!

The Double Dolly, from the makers of the Workhorse Detailing Cart, makes detailing easier by putting your wash buckets on wheels! The Double Dolly has 3 inch industrial grade casters and rugged construction. Storage compartments make the Double Dolly a convenient way for detailers to keep their products and tools within easy reach while washing the car.

The Double Dolly is ideal for detailers who employ the two-bucket wash system. One bucket holds the soapy water. The second bucket holds clean water. Each time you need to reload the wash mitt with soap, first dunk it in the bucket of plain water to remove any dirt you’ve removed from the vehicle. Then reload the mitt with soapy water. Continue in this manner until you’ve washed the entire vehicle. You’ll be surprised at how much dirt you’ve kept off the vehicle!

The Double Dolly brings the two-bucket wash system to you. The dolly has two compartments for 5 gallon wash buckets plus extra storage for car wash bottles, mitts, towels, and brushes. You lose valuable suds running from the wash bucket back to the vehicle. The Double Dolly allows you to bring the wash and rinse buckets along with you as you work your way around the vehicle. The Double Dolly increases productivity and saves you time.

The Double Dolly two bucket wash system.

The Double Dolly simplifies your two-bucket wash system.


The Double Dolly is made of durable molded plastic with six industrial grade, multi-directional 3 inch casters. The Double Dolly is built to easily accommodate the weight of two full 5 gallon buckets and the rugged construction means you can use the Double Dolly in a variety of demanding work environments.

The Double Dolly is built for rigorous use in demanding work environments.

The Double Dolly is built from one continuous piece of molded plastic for the ultimate durability. Multi-directional wheels make it easy to maneuver around your vehicle while you work.

Besides detailing, the Double Dolly is excellent for painting, construction, repair work, janitorial work, and gardening.

Use the Double Dolly with our Professional 5 Gallon Wash Buckets. Add in a Grit Guard Insert for even more protection against paint-marring dirt. Put your bottle of Wolfgang Auto Bathe in one of the cup holders and a water bottle in the other. Use the side storage compartments for your Cobra Guzzler Waffle Weave Drying Towels. With the Double Dolly, your entire car washing arsenal comes with you on sturdy steel casters. Nothing is out of your reach.

Improve your productivity with the Double Dolly. It brings the two-bucket wash system to you!

Buckets sold separately.

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Double Dolly
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Double Dolly