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Diamondite® Glasswork Shield

Diamondite® Glasswork Shield
Clear protection for all glass.

Protect your glass now and in the future with Diamondite Glasswork Shield. This polymer glass sealant is designed specifically to fill the microscopic ridges and valleys of glass. This perfectly clear coating repels dirt and moisture to maintain optimal visibility.

Oily deposits would normally cause the windshield to become a hazy mess in the rain, but Glasswork Shield repels both oil and water to keep the windshield clear when it matters most. Studies have shown that windshields treated with a polymer product stay clearer in adverse weather conditions and drastically improve the driver’s visibility of objects in front of the car.

The slick coating also stops the chattering of windshield wiper blades and resists the bonding of bugs and bird droppings to the glass to make future cleaning easier.

Glasswork Shield is a water-based polymer sealant that dries clear and streak-free when applied to clean glass. Oil-based products tend to streak clear surfaces, but Diamondite Glasswork Shield is completely transparent. Week after week, your windshield and windows will remain clean and clear thanks to the durable polymer protection of Glasswork Shield.

Diamondite Glasswork Shield seals tiny chips and scratches in the glass to block out debris and oily deposits. Industrial pollution – which leaves a hazy film on glass – stays on top of the polymer coating. Cleaning your windshield is as easy as turning on your vehicle’s windshield washer system.

Use Diamondite Glasswork Shield as the last step of the Diamondite Glasswork Kit. After cleaning and polishing, Glasswork Shield will seal in the shine and clarity so it lasts and lasts.

  1. Mist the glass with Diamondite Glasswork Shield and use the folded microfiber towel to spread the sealant over the glass.
  2. Flip the towel to a dry side and buff the glass to a bright shine.
  3. Allow Glasswork Shield to cure for an hour and then apply another coat if desired.

4 oz.

Save 30% when you purchase 2 refills of Diamondite Glasswork Shield! See the special offer at the bottom of this page.

Diamondite® Glasswork Shield
Item #: DIA-304
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Diamondite® Glasswork Shield
4.5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
4 Stars

Better than RainX, but...
May 17, 2011
I've been using Glasswork Shield on multiple vehicles over for the past 4 years (after cleaning with the Spray Clay product, which I love). It goes on easy and it prevents or reduces wiper blade squeaking and skidding across the glass. But that effect will wear off after an hour or two of driving in the rain and it will need to be re-applied. I assume this is because it's water based. Compared to RainX, I find that RainX actually increases wiper blade skid and rubber squeaking after a short period of time. I also find that a RainX treated windshield can be harder to clean because some cleaners and wiper fluids (especially with high alcohol content) act as a solvent and cause smearing of the RainX coating, which means two things 1) only clean Rainx with water and a cloth, and 2) I only treat side/rear windows with RainX. The GlassWorks products don't have these problems.

5 Stars

May 27, 2007
Made my glass sparkle and protects to made my windshield wipers work better.