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Diamondite® Clear Plastic Headlight Restorer

Diamondite® Clear Plastic Headlight Restorer
Restore optical clarity to headlight lenses in minutes!

Diamondite Clear Plastic Restorer is the second step in the Diamondite Clear Plastic Kit. This is a very fine grade finishing glaze that restores the shine and optical clarity to polished headlight lens covers and other hard plastics. Restore the like-new appearance of cloudy headlight lenses with Diamondite Clear Plastic Restorer.

Just like polishing paint, polishing clear, hard plastics is a two step process. First, a polish rounds the edges of scratches and removes significant clouding and discoloration. Next, a finer polish or glaze is used to remove any light hazing left by the first polish and restore the perfect, like-new shine.

DIamondite Clear Plastic Restorer is the second step in the simple process of polishing plastic headlight lenses. This product works like a fine finishing glaze to smooth and shine the plastic and restore it to its original clarity. While Diamondite Clear Plastic Enhancer is the heavy-hitter, Diamondite Clear Plastic Restorer is the gentle finishing touch that finesses the plastic back to its factory-new appearance.

This formula is designed especially for hard, clear plastics that show scratches easily. Diamondite Clear Plastic Restorer has tiny, surface-smoothing polishing agents that will not scratch the plastic as they restore the smoothness and clarity to the plastic. Like a fine jeweler’s rouge, Clear Plastic Restorer refines the surface to achieve optical clarity and shine. Your vehicle’s headlights will look and perform like new.

Use Diamondite Clear Plastic Restorer after Diamondite Clear Plastic Enhancer on hard plastic headlight lens covers. Use it as a single step polish on motorcycle and boat windscreens, vinyl convertible windows, vinyl coated plastics, and other soft plastic surfaces. Always follow with Diamondite Clear Plastic Shield to seal out contaminants and moisture.

Apply Diamondite Clear Plastic Restorer using a 4 inch light cutting pad on your electric drill. It can be applied by hand, but the speed of a drill will help to break down the glaze.

Restore clouded headlight lens covers back to perfect clarity with Diamondite Clear Plastic Restorer. The finishing glaze renders a smooth, factory-new surface on all hard plastic headlight lens covers and other hard and soft plastics.

  1. Apply an X of Diamondite Clear Plastic Restorer to a orange 4 inch pad on your electric drill or buffer.
  2. If you are using a drill or rotary polisher, set the maximum speed at 1800 OPM. If using a dual action polisher, set the maximum speed at 4500 OPM.
  3. Work in an overlapping motion until cleaner breaks down into a clear film. There is no need to apply pressure to the machine.
  4. Use a soft Cobra Microfiber Towel to remove residue.
  5. Follow with Diamondite Clear Plastic Liquid Armor™.
4 oz.

Diamondite® Clear Plastic Headlight Restorer
Item #: DIA-102
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Diamondite® Clear Plastic Headlight Restorer
5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
chicago, ill
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

just the ticket
April 17, 2016
Great first step product

5 Stars

February 6, 2009
Extremely easy to use. It takes maybe five to seven minutes to polish each headlight.