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Chemical Guys Petes 53-Pearl Signature Paste Wax 8 oz.

Chemical Guys Petes 53-Pearl Signature Paste Wax 8 oz.

Delivers a pearl-wet finish for all paint types!

Pete’s 53 Black Pearl Signature Paste Wax is a premium paste wax developed for all paints, but it is specially formulated for darker paints and metallic paint finishes. Pete's 53 contains 53% carnauba wax by volume, offering a deep, wet shine on all paint. Named after a close friend of Chemical Guys and fellow detailer, Pete's 53 Pearl Signature Paste Wax celebrates his life and love of cars.

Pete’s 53 is in a class all its own. Utilizing Chemical Guy's experienced chemists and Pete’s 20 years of experience in blending automobile paints for the auto industry, Pete’s 53 blends only the finest of raw ingredients - almond, coconut, banana and propolis oils - in a premium emulsion combined with 53 percent Brazilian No. 1 White Carnauba by volume.

Pete's53 Pearl Signature Paste Wax is for the enthusiast who demands the highest and wettest level of shine. Pete's 53 contains the finest ingredients to deliver a premium blend of genuinecarnauba wax and natural oils that makes paint “drip off of your vehicle” with a high gloss shine and shimmer that is sure to impress even the toughest critic. The combination of natural ingredients is formulated with a liquid crystal polymer for extended longevity and durability.

Pete’s 53 is brilliance in a paste, offering a deep, warm shine that is excellent for any color paint. The unique blend of oils and liquid crystal polymers is specially formulated to bring out dark and metallic colors.


  1. Wash and thoroughly dry your vehicle or motorcycle first.
  2. Use a foam applicator to spread a thin layer of Pete’s 53 over the painted portions of your vehicle or motorcycle.
  3. Pete’s 53 will not dry to a haze. You can buff it off immediately with a soft, clean microfiber towel.
  4. If shine begins to dull due to dust or everyday use, restore shine with Chemical Guys Extreme Synthetic Detail Spray.
  5. Pete’s 53 can be layered for more shine and protection.

8 oz.

This product cannot ship internationally.

Chemical Guys Petes 53-Pearl Signature Paste Wax 8 oz.
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Chemical Guys Forum Favorite Kit
Chemical Guys Forum Favorite Kit

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Chemical Guys Forum Favorite Kit
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Chemical Guys Petes 53-Pearl Signature Paste Wax 8 oz.
5 Stars based on 9 Review(s)
Johannesburg,South Africa
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Boutique Wax
January 16, 2015
Show car boutique wax thats easy to apply and remove with a pleasant scent.This along with Collinite 915 Marque D'Elegance are proper carnauba paste waxes designed to make you stand back and look in amazement at your finished paint that oozes depth and wetness. I must say Autogeek really has a phenomenal range of superb waxes and sealants and have eliminated the ho hum mediocre stuff.
Show car shine

Park Ridge, Il
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Hard Wax
May 30, 2014
Warm the wax up a bit it makes it easier to apply with a microfiber applicator. Wax goes on easy gives a nice shine, don't know about the durability.
Easy to apply when warm wipes off easy.
Warm up the wax for an easier application.

BC, Canada
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Sparkle on Car.....with Petes
May 26, 2014
This wax from Chemical Guys was one sale, a good price. I forget how much, but I am a person who will buy and try car detailing products if the price is good. But I will pay for the stuff I know is tried and true. With Pete's, pushed aside my tin of Mothers California Gold Wax (tried and true in my books for years) and opted for Pete's. Well I was so happy with the results. The depth and color Pete's did with the car was amazing, like you could "jump into the paint and go for a swim". I was impressed by how the wax brought out the metal flake in the pain. A buddy of mine, who has more experience in the detailing world as he has done it commercially, but has gone on to other things, bought a Mazda 3 Sport, with a color of 'spicy orange', the paint was in need. So being a dear friend, I handed him my jar of Pete's and said, try this. Well, he loved the look, he was impressed. Even the cop said something when he got pulled over for speeding. So it is a good product.
I think its a good price, even at normal retail as Mothers California Gold tin is $25+ (here in Canada). Easy application. Apply evenly and not too thick (like any other product), this product wipes off nicely. I think you get a good amount of product for the price. Been three years, about 3 applications a year, and still have little over half a jar.

5 Stars

Pete's 53 Wax
September 15, 2013
This wax is now my best favorite wax! Truly easier than any other on/off wax 8 have ever tried. I just can' t believe how easy and I don't have to get out the buffer. Not only that, but I can't believe how good it looks for such any easy wax to use. Waxed the car in less about half hour and this wax seems to look better than any other wax I've tried. Seems to make the car shine a little more than any other wax, plus no haze at all.

5 Stars

Make you car a black beauty
July 24, 2013
I have used almost every high end wax and sealant on my 2012 Mint Volkswagon sport wagon show car. There were any great product, but not made my finish so clear, impart a wet shine. My other show cars also look fantastic. This products produces for me, what I wanted the $100.00 plus wax did not do. Living year round in southwest Florida, this product really stands up.

5 Stars

July 14, 2013
This is bar far the besr hand crafted wax on the market for the price bar NONE!

5 Stars

July 14, 2013
Did a clients Silver maxima today, used Optimum Final Polish and Pete's 53 as LSP. Man was he happy! The Pete's really brought out the metallic flake n the paint, it was amost non existent before using the Pete's. great product and value.

5 Stars

Great for silver
November 11, 2012
I used Pete's 53 for the 1st time on my silver BMW Z3 and I have never seen it look so silky, wet and glossy. It s a little tricky to spread compared to WG Fusion, but buffs off very easily. Great wax at a fair price.

5 Stars

January 30, 2012