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Canine Covers Door Shield - Pair

Canine Covers Door Shield - Pair
Protect your door from dirty paws!

Dogs love to stick their heads out of the car window as you drive. But their claws can scratch your door panel as they stand up to get a better view. Not to mention, happy dogs drool so you are likely to get drip marks on your door. You can keep your doors clean, dry, and scratch-free with the Covercraft Door Shield.

The Door Shield is made of coated polyester that is both durable and water resistant. The fabric attaches by sliding retention tabs between the window and the door panel. The Shield hangs over the interior of your door so that your pet’s paws stay safely away from the plastic door panel. When the material gets dirty, you can wipe it off or throw it in the washing machine. It will look as good as new, and so will your door!

The Door Shield is available in 22” or 26” widths. Measure the width of your window minus the portion that does not roll down. The Door Shield is sold in sets of two so both back doors are protected from your pet’s paws.

The Door Shield is an inexpensive and effective way to protect your doors from scuffs, moisture, and dirt while your pet is traveling with you. Available in four colors, it will look neat against your interior.

If your dog prefers the window seat, install a set of Door Shields to keep your door clean and scratch-free while you’re on the road.

Set of 2

Available in 2 sizes and 4 Colors

Due to manufacturer’s requirements, returned Canine Covers orders will incur a 15% restocking fee.

Canine Covers ship from the manufacturer via ground service. Expedited and international shipping are not available.

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Canine Covers Door Shield - Pair
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Canine Covers Door Shield - Pair
1 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
beacon Falls, CT
1 Stars

Sadly 1 star is the lowest rating offered......
May 16, 2015
i would have been better off using 40 dollar bills to "shield" my door. This is the WORST product, possibly of all time. It will however work if you do not open a single window, vent, or heaven help you exhale. Do NOT even consider. Please!!! This is a piece of fabric with no weight, or no way to secure it once it sits in the window slot. it simply flops in the wind. I even punched holes at the bottom of each piece and used 2 zip ties to secure to my door handles in hopes of stopping the flapping. You would think this would hold it in place. Wrong. The top part blew right out of the window sill. Autogeek you sell too many great products, please cut ties with whomever sells this to you.
I no longer have to lug around the 2 $20 bills I used to buy this "product." Hopefully i have saved anyone else from even thinking about this product.
Does not work at all. It's $40. Does not work at all. I do not live close enough to the manufacturer to give them a piece of my mind. Does not work at all. I wouldn't recommend this to my worst enemy.