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CarPro Tar X Tar & Adhesive Remover 5 Liter Refill

CarPro Tar X Tar & Adhesive Remover 5 Liter Refill
Powered by natural citrus solvents!

CarPro Tar X is a glow-in-the-dark bug and tar remover made of natural solvents extracted from orange peels. Tar X safely lifts grease, tar, asphalt, insects, tire marks, adhesives, traffic film. and any other stubborn contaminants. There are no harsh chemical solvents and nothing to harm your vehicle. CarPro Tar X is safe, simple to use, and it works!

CarPro Tar X features what they call "glow color tracer." When Tar X is applied generously, it glows on dark or black cars. The visibility makes it easy to remove all of Tar X when rinsing. Tar X washes off easily with water.

CarPro Tar X can be used on virtually any surface. It has a high viscosity in order to cling longer to vehicle surfaces. Tar X is comprised of more than 60% active ingredients. The all-natural solvents are safe on paint, plastic, vinyl, and any other vehicle surface. Do not leave it on the vehicle for more than 7-10 minutes.

CarPro Tar X is a heavy duty cleanser! In addition to bug, tar and adhesive removal, it makes an excellent parts and equipment cleaner.

Tar X on black paint Tar X glows on dark paint.

When used on paint, CarPro Tar X reduces the need for intensive claying. It does the work for you! Just spray or brush it onto the desired area, let it dwell, agitate, and rinse. Tar X works quickly and leaves treated surfaces clean and degreased. Use CarPro Tar X to eliminate tar, asphalt, bugs, and more from all auto surfaces.


  1. Shake well. Spray Tar X on dry surface.
  2. Let Tar X react on surface for 1~2 min. or brush/agitate with sponge pad . (spray some TarX on the sponge as well)
  3. Rinse thoroughly with a power washer or flowing water.

5 Liters

CarPro Tar X Tar & Adhesive Remover 5 Liter Refill
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CarPro Tar X Tar & Adhesive Remover 5 Liter Refill
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3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

We decided to go from TRIX (2-in-1) to: Tar-X & Iron-X
June 21, 2014
After several years of using CarPro's TRIX, and having some pretty fantastic results, we began noticing that clients' vehicles were growing more and more filthy with bonded iron and tar deposits from the long Ohio winters where we're located. This year so far has been the worst by far, and with an influx in our clientele (daily drivers, show cars, and vehicles that may have tar but no iron deposits etc.) we decided to begin buying the 5L containers of the individual products, like this Tar-X. One thing was immediately evident when we used this product on a client's Porsche Cayman-R that was nearly brand new but had severe chunk of solidified tar on the inside lip of the wheels... and that was that this product works faster and harder than using the 2-in-1 product TRIX (which makes sense, because it's specifically formulated with 100% of the chemical composition dedicated toward tar removal). One thing to keep in mind, is that while this product is highly effective, two things stand out as negatives: It is VERY watery, with the consistency or viscosity identical to water - so there is zero "cling" or dwell ability of this chemical. Secondly, also concerning the liquid's thinness, without being able to "grab" onto the paint or wheels properly, it will not be able to do what it needs to do in order to provide the proper results, which is cling to the paint... so oddly enough, the liquid's composition seems to directly work against itself. You can try attaching a foaming spray trigger-nozzle to the bottle, but that will only do so much, and plus by injecting air into the sprayer, it will dilute the overall surface area that the chemical has to go to work.
-Smells way better than TRIX -Works under the right conditions -Allows you to only focus on tar removal, rather than wasting an "all in one" product like TRIX
-ZERO dwell ability (it will slip right off the paint instantly) -Thin as water -Has to be allowed to dwell on the contaminated surface long enough to provide optimal results... but it isn't thick enough to dwell