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CarPro Fog Fight

CarPro Fog Fight
The anti-fog solution!

CarPro Fog Fight prevents fog from interfering with your visibility! This antifog coating is super hydrophilic and eliminates condensation on interior auto glass. Keep your windshield, windows, and mirrors clean and clear with just one application. CarPro Fog Fight prevents fog due to heat, cold, and humidity.

How many times have you gotten into your car and the windshield immediately fogs up? Or you're driving and the temperature outside drops, causing your windshield to fog up? These situations are common and dangerous. Fog Fight prevents fogging with a long-lasting, clear coating. You can use Fog Fight on all mirrors, windows, and lenses. It goes on clear with no haze or streaks.

In lab tests of Fog Fight, no fog formed on glass after 60 minutes over boiling water or a hundred cycles of heat-and-cold. Fog Fight is proven to prevent fog even in dramatic temperature swings, like those tested.

Fog Fight cleans and coats in one step! There's no need to preclean your windshield before applying Fog Fight. One application lasts a very long time if not disturbed.

The Fog Fight Kit includes an applicator and three suede microfiber towels to make streak-free application easier.

One application of CarPro Fog Fight is all you need to keep your vehicle's glass fog-free and clear.

kit contain:
100ml Fog Fight sprayer
1 applicator
2 suede 10 x 10 cm
1 suede 20 x 20 cm

CarPro Fog Fight
Item #: CP-190
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CarPro Fog Fight