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The Original 14 inch California Water Blade

The Original 14 inch California Water Blade
A longer 14 inch Water Blade wipes away more water in a single pass!

Dry your vehicle completely in just minutes with the Original 14 inch California Water Blade. This larger Water Blade whisks away more water with each pass, resulting in a completely dry vehicle in less time and with less effort. The patented T-bar design made of medical grade silicone makes the 14 inch California Water Blade a safe and efficient way to dry your vehicle.

Rid Yourself of Towels and Chamois. The California Water Blade will minimize, if not completely eradicate, your use of towels and chamois. Gone is the arsenal of towels used to battle water spots. With a lightweight, compact shape, the 14 inch Water Blade works faster and easier than towels. Hand and arm stress is also significantly reduced.

Patented T-Bar Technology. The Water Blade uses patented technology. The California Water Blade is crafted from medical grade silicone, known for being strong yet supple. The patented ‘T-Bar’ technology used for the edge of the Blade has made abrasion and scratching a thing of the past. The Water Blade has passed our tests, including use on the most delicate of surfaces. Together, the shape and material of the Water Blade create 15 times less friction than drying with towels. This makes the California Water Blade ideal for clear coat and finicky finishes.

Contouring and Tight Places are a Breeze. The Water Blade is able to contour to just about any surface of your car, boat, or truck. This includes rounded edges and fenders. Drying time is reduced by 35% when comparing with conventional drying methods.

Tremendous Aid to Auto Detailing. There are hundreds of uses for The California Water Blade, making it versatile for both home and outdoor use. Use it on windows, mirrors, shower doors, and glass entry doors.

Covers larger surface area. The dimensions of The California Water Blade are 1 1/2 x 14 inches, larger than the standard Water Blade or Dry Blade. The handle is large and comfortable, made of ABS plastic, and ergonomically designed for long term use without muscle ache.

Here are a couple of common questions about The California Water Blade:

Q: Max, how often will I have to go over a section of my car with this product? I’m really tired of drying with all those towels.

A: Just once! With one pass The California Water Blade collects and removes the water from your car, and no water means no water spots.

Q: What is drying friction?

A: Good question. Based on the level of absorbency in a material, the friction time is either rapid, like the California Water Blade, or slower which is the case with towels and chamois that soak up water before they remove it.

Q: Is this a squeegee, Max?

A: Heavens no! Squeegees don’t dry windows and other surfaces completely, like The California Water Blade. When a surface is damp, water spots will occur. This product is in no way to be confused with a squeegee, as you will find out with your first use.

Q: I love my Blade, and I was a doubter before I purchased it. Now I use it everywhere, and my wife likes to use it throughout the house as well. Do you have any secret spots you could let us in on, a place to use the blade that we might not have mentioned yet?

A: Try keeping a California Water Blade in the shower. After you shower, simply use The Water Blade to wipe down the ceramic tile and glass doors. My secret? Pay attention to the grout lines, you will be amazed when you see that water is no longer in between them.

1 1/2 x 14 inches

The Original 14 inch California Water Blade
Item #: CCC-20015
Our Price: $19.99
Availability: Usually ships the same business day

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The Original 14 inch California Water Blade
5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
Oregon City, OR
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Best ever for shower doors
March 25, 2014
Six swipes and all the water and soap is off the shower doors. Use after each shower and there's no soap residue left on the glass.

T.E. Matthews
5 Stars

Water Blade
May 28, 2011
Wonderful product....too bad Sams Club doesn't carry it anymore. A number of people have seen mine and would like to purchase it.

Mike D.
5 Stars

Great For the Firehouse
February 12, 2010
Wonderful invention to keep you from washing towels all day long at the firehouse. The California Water Blade and 2 towels to get the nooks and crannies on a Ladder truck, normally 8-10 towels to dry the whole truck off.