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Bouncer’s Premium Car Waxes

Bouncer’s Premium Car WaxesThe story behind the creation of Bouncer’s Premium Car Waxes is arguably the dream of every car wax enthusiast worldwide. What started out as a hobby by a passionate car wax enthusiast named Jay (better known as the “Bouncer” in the UK) turned into an obsession and, more importantly, the beginning of what many consider the best line of hand-made car waxes the UK has ever seen.

Bouncer's Premium Car Waxes provide insane levels of shine and water beading!Bouncer’s first wax, known simply as “22,” was the result of 2,500 hours of research into the different types of waxes, solvents and oils that are essential in the development of a premium car wax. Jay’s research spanned over a 6 month development program which resulted in the birth of Bouncer’s 22 Car Wax – a car wax that provides superb paint protection and a glossy, reflective finish. Bouncer’s 22 Car Wax was released through Dodo Juice as an independent wax label and since its debut, Bouncer’s 22 Car Wax has been distributed in over 30 countries worldwide. Bouncer’s 22 Car Wax has gained a loyal following since its release and was also nominated as a 2012 wax of the year contender by Detailing World, a UK car wax forum.

Bouncer’s Premium Car Waxes was officially launched in June of 2012; the first release was Sherbet Fizz followed by Vanilla Ice, Salute the Fruit and Capture the Rapture. Each and every Bouncer’s Premium Car Wax is mixed, poured and tested by Jay in Buckinghamshire UK. Every pot of Bouncer’s Premium Car Wax that leaves the UK takes Jay’s passion, dedication and commitment to excellence with it.

We’re proud to offer this exclusive line of hand-made premium car waxes and hope that you share Jay’s passion with each coat you apply to your vehicle.

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