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Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer

Pressurize your detailing chemicals to maximize results!

Spray wheel cleaners, all purpose cleaners, and more with the Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer. This compact pump sprayer delivers detailing chemicals to auto surfaces with an effortless continuous spray feature. The Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer is excellent for diluted concentrates and strong cleaners and degreasers. Make any detailing job easier.

The Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer is perfect for spraying wheels, tires, and wheel wells with powerful cleaners or for coating the engine compartment in degreaser. The sprayer is built to withstand a broad range of chemicals and it's capable of delivering stronger mixes of chemicals without clogging. (This feature also makes the sprayer ideal for fertilizing plants but to avoid cross-contamination, designate one just for detailing.)

The Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer has a pump on top to create the pressure. No pressure washers or air compressors are needed. This is a self-contained compressed air sprayer. You can sustain the pressurized spray by pressing the Lever-Lok button located at the top of the handle. This lock allows you to spray one-handed to coat surfaces while washing or wiping with the other hand. Multi-task and get the job done faster!

The spray tip on the Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer is adjustable so you can have a mist or a strong spray - whatever the job requires.

The Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer's bottle is equally durable. It's made of super heavy-duty, 100% virgin resins. The 48 oz. bottle has extra thick walls to contain all sorts of chemicals. The large capacity is ideal for mixing up concentrated products, like all purpose cleaners.

For high volume detail shops or just large detail jobs, the Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer is a great time-saver. Mix up 48 oz. of cleaner, pump up the pressure, press the Lever-Lok and spray the desired surfaces. Trigger sprayers can become clogged or stop working altogether after a long day of detailing, but the Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer keeps spraying.

Rinse out the Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer well after each use. If you plan on using Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayers for different applications, be sure to label the bottles to avoid cross-contamination.

The Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer is a terrific value because it enables you to buy detailing products in bulk. Save money on gallons of concentrates and then mix what you need in the Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer.

The Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer saves time, saves money, and it works with a broad range of chemicals. Work smarter, not harder, with the Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer.

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Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer

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Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer
2 Stars based on 5 Review(s)
1 Stars

Leaks like a sieve
September 2, 2015
Got minimal use out of this sprayer before it started leaking and now will not hold pressure. I think these are made by Delta and are no good. Get a Chapin one, they last.
Not durable and leaks terribly after only minimal use.

Gainesville, FL
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Makes work efficient
June 2, 2015
Got one to use specifically as a waterless wash pre soak tool for my rinseless washes; similar to how I may incorporate the foam gun. Works better than expected. Biggest takeaway is how quickly and effortlessly I can get the entire car. Can't speak for previous reviews because I have only used the product 3 times so far. But impressed enough to buy a more for my interior apc preoak
Convience of speed and effiency. Durability still (?) ; bottle might have been improved Price ok, not blowing me away.

Tory Taylor
1 Stars

Sprayer leaked
May 28, 2013
Sprayer worked great, Only its durability is horrible. I have used this product 3 times and it has a pin hole leak at the bottom which now makes my sprayer crap. I only ordered it less than a month ago and as stated had 3 uses out of it. Now it leaks at the bottom and has no use no more. Not worth the money if you ask me $15 x3 uses = $5.00 a use. Even though a good tool..I can't afford that kind of durability.

1 Stars

Sprayer has leak
April 21, 2012
Color me unimpressed. The sprayer is just a few months old and has developed a pin hole leak towards the bottom mating seams of the bottle and sprays a stream of fluid out the side of the bottle under pressure.

Tom Bell
4 Stars

Double Barrel isn't great
December 20, 2010
I've had experience with these sprayers before. They have great pressure and are very good. The only problem is the double barrel extension. Whenever I put it on, I pumped the bottle and it started squirting. What I'm saying is that it only sprays when you pump and if you pump too much it doesn't stop. You can't use the trigger with the extension. I'd love it if the extension was functional....