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Autogeek Pressure Washer Foam Cannon HP

Turn a pressure washer into a high powered foamer!

Cover your vehicle in a flurry of foam quickly with the Foam Cannon HP! This foam lance works with a pressure washer to produce a thick, clinging foam. Give your vehicle a "touch-free" wash with this high powered foam gun. The Foam Cannon HP will blow you away! The kit includes a solid brass male nipple and a common pressure washer fitting.

The benefit of using a foam gun to deliver the soap to the vehicle is that it doesn't require you to touch the vehicle, which could rub dirt against the paint. The Foam Cannon HP sprays the vehicle with a thick coat of soap to loosen and lubricate dirt. On dusty or lightly dirty vehicles, you may not even need to hand-wash. The Foam Cannon HP minimizes the amount of hands-on contact with the vehicle, which can minimize wash-induced swirls. Plus, the Foam Cannon HP is a blast!

You've never seen a foam gun like this! The Foam Cannon HP is capable of such a high volume of foam, a vehicle can be completely whited out. The foam clings to vertical panels and provides the lubrication you need for a safe car wash. The foam provides a pre-soak that loosens dirt and grime so hand-washing is easier.


The Foam Cannon HP works with a pressure washer. The velocity of the water combined with a quality car shampoo will generate amazing suds. This wash process actually uses less water at a higher pressure, so its eco-friendly, too.


The Foam Cannon HP is made of brass for maximum durability with a 1 liter fluid tank for the car shampoo. A vertical jet nozzle is included so you can apply foam or rinse in a sweeping side to side motion. This nozzle allows you to work around and then down the vehicle, which is the recommended way to wash a vehicle.


For the best results, use a foaming shampoo in your Foam Cannon HP. These shampoos are developed specifically for foam guns and produces an incredible amount of foam. It may take some experimentation to get your preferred dilution, but typically start with 1 ounce of shampoo. Pour the shampoo into the Foam Cannon HP tank, hook it up to your pressure washer, and let the foam fly!

The Foam Cannon HP works with any pressure washer.
The vertical jet nozzle sprays foam in a side to side sweeping motion.

The Foam Cannon HP coats your vehicle in thick, clinging suds.
The Foam Cannon HP covers the vehicle in a blizzard of foam!

Remove the reservoir to use the Foam Cannon HP to rinse the vehicle.
The Foam Cannon HP can also be used as a nozzle to rinse the vehicle.


The Foam Cannon HP completely covers your vehicle in foam!
The Foam Cannon HP presoaks your vehicle in suds to start loosening grime immediately.

The Foam Cannon HP is rated for 5.3 gallons per minute for high powered cleaning. The Foam Cannon HP is excellent for fast-paced cleaning in a detail shop or mobile detailing service. It cuts down on the amount of manual washing needed, and it puts on quite a show!

To maintain your Foam Cannon HP, rinse it out after every use. Six fittings are available for purchase for virtually any pressure washer. A male nipple is included to connect the fitting to the Foam Cannon HP, as well as a commonly used pressure washer fitting (pictured). If the included fitting is not the fitting you need, please see the options below that can be purchased separately.

Not sure which fitting you need? We can help!

The Foam Cannon HP attaches to the trigger/gun assembly for your pressure washer in the exact same way that your wand currently does.You will just need to remove the wand and look at the fitting that you currently have and match it up to one of the fitting that we offer below. The Foam Cannon HP will connect in exactly the same way. Note: If you have a Karcher K3 X Series pressure washer you will need the Karcher HD/HDS fitting in addition to the Karcher X Series fitting (Sold Separately).

Click here for complete instructions.

Rated Pressure

160 bar - 16 MPa - 2,300 psi

1,100 - 5,000 PSI

1.8 - 5.3 GPM

140 degree temp

Adjustable Fan Blades (jet-wide)

This video was made by flipboy326
Compatible With Most Pressure Washers

Electric Pressure Washer
Karcher, Husky, Troy Bilt and more

Gas Pressure Washer
Honda, Husky, Troy Bilt, Dewalt, Craftsman, and more
Commercial Pressure Washers
Porter Cable - Dewalt - RIDGID, Simpson and more

If you do not have a pressure washer, check out the Foamaster Foam Gun. This foam gun works with a standard water hose to create fantastic foam.

Autogeek Pressure Washer Foam Cannon HP

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Autogeek Pressure Washer Foam Cannon HP
5 Stars based on 12 Review(s)
deer park n.y.
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

December 2, 2016
it works great, the car was covered with soap entirely just what I wanted

Matthew Shirey
Palm Bay, Fl
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great product, fast shipping
November 11, 2016
Works great neighbors cant believe the foam

Central Florida
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Better than my standard foamer
July 24, 2016
This unit replaced my standard foam gun (hose type). No comparison! The cannon puts a much thicker layer of foam on the car much quicker and with a lot less runoff.
Thick layer of foam. Well made.
A little hassle unless you leave your pressure washer set up for this all the time. A quick disconnect would be great.

morton, illinois
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

works great could be priced cheaper
August 13, 2014
works great....
works great

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Lots of suds
May 7, 2014
I have a manual foamer that only uses water to wash a car, but this foamer works 10 times better than the manual one. It was expensive, compared to my pressure washer, but it was well worth the 1/2 hour time savings I get because I can now foam the entire car, instead of a section at a time.

Newtown, Connecticut
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

It Makes Suds
April 12, 2014
And lots of them. Really. A lot. Washed a Ford Explorer and a Mitsubishi Mirage with the 2 oz. soap sample it came with with suds to spare. Cars have never been slicker.
I got myself a new hobby and want to wash my car more often. That's how they get you. Now I wanna buy more detailing products.
A bit unclear what adapter to select, but with some help from the guys at AG and their forum I picked the right one on the first try and it fits super snug. Website could could use an overhaul. Not always intuitive. Seems dated.

5 Stars

so much fun!
May 12, 2010
this cannon gun is almost as expensive as my pressure washer, but it's worth every penny! it's so much fun to use and works better than a commercial car wash that cost at least $10. I've tried different soap with the gun and the best 2 so far are DP extreme foam, and Meg's Gold

Shawn Sullivan
5 Stars

Lots of Foam
April 17, 2010
I have a 1600 PSI electric Karcher Pressure washer. The Foam Cannon is a must have for any detailer. My truck was covered in dirt from the job site and it help loosen the dirt alot. It made detailing my truck a breeze. I have the Foam Gun and the Foam Cannon and if you cant decide which one to use go with the Foam Cannon it applies alot more foam then then Foam Gun and it sits on the vehicle alot longer as well.

5 Stars

Great Product
February 19, 2010
Another product that I am very happy with. Great service from Autogeek. Fast and friendly service.

5 Stars

January 25, 2010
This is my new favorite tool ! The foam cannon really gets peoples attention when a car is completely whited out and will get you more business! Not to mention making life a little easier compared to the old soap in a bucket method. I would recommend getting one.

Scott Rudowitz
4 Stars

Need additional fittings
November 21, 2009
None of the supplies fittings work with my CH pressure washer, so I had to get a little creative and custom make my own. Once I get it working, this thing is amazing. The pictures do not lie. I would agree about the bottle being very thin plastic and entirely too big unless you are foaming an RV or something, but I find it no less easy to use with the larger bottle. Heavy duty brass and plastic nozzle is solid as well. AG provided great customer service and support when trying to figure out how to make it work with my PW. Thanks Dwayne!

4 Stars

foam cannon
September 7, 2009
The foam cannon is far superior in foam output to the Gilmour (sold under various auto detail accessory store logos) garden hose variety that I have used for several years. The foam output is remarkable and the soap consumption at wide open is moderate. No instructions are included with the package. I used a 1 part soap and 3 parts water dilution ratio in the bottle container and got great foam output. My only criticism is that the plastic bottle is larger than it needs to be making the unit more cumbersome and should be a thicker gauge plastic as the current version is not heavy duty at all and is rather thin-walled plastic. It also leaks if tipped. The spray head is a basic multi-spray adjustable nozzle sold with many pressure washer wands and adjusts from a needle point to wide spray pattern. Because the soap injector is adjustable "+" and "-" you should be able to use the foam cannon to soap up and, after turning the soap off, use it rinse off, without changing connections. As for the connectors, they really should also offer quick-connect types such as a 1/4 inch male plug with male threaded connector. That set up would connect the faom cannon to a spray gun with a 1/4 female quick-connect tip. With such a set up the included 1/4 inch threaded pipe is unneccessary.