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DP Glass Coating

DP Glass Coating

Creates an impenetrable barrier that repels water, dirt and oil

Detailer’s Glass Coating is a super-hydrophobic nano-glass ceramic coating that creates an extremely hard, crystal-clear barrier of protection on exterior glass surfaces.  Treated glass surfaces will be impenetrable to environmental contaminants while exhibiting super hydrophobic properties; water will bead up and roll off while snow and ice will be effortless to remove.  A single application lasts up to one year!

Nobody likes cleaning glass and neither do we, which is why we’ve come out with Detailer’s Glass Coating – a super hydrophobic coating that repels airborne contaminants, water, rain, dirt and oil, keeping your windshield cleaner in between regular washes.

Detailer's Glass Coating is incredibly easy to apply!
Spray directly onto the glass and distribute using a foam applicator...
Detailer's Glass Coating lasts up to one year!
Lightly buff with a microfiber towel and you're finished! Treated surfaces will be protected for up to one year.

If you’re as particular about your glass as we are (Max especially!) then Detailer’s Glass Coating is for you.  This super hydrophobic coating was developed and tested in South Florida, one of the most rainfall ridden parts of the country.  Trust us when we say that Detailer’s Glass Coating is one of the best investments you can make in car care!

Detailer’s Glass Coating goes on crystal clear and stays that way – no excessive rubbing or buffing required.  Application is as simple as spraying the coating directly onto the surface and evenly distributing it with a foam applicator.  That’s it!  The coating self-levels so there is no heavy rubbing or buffing required.  A single application of Detailer’s Glass Coating will last up to one year!

Detailer’s Glass Coating is comprised of nano-glass ceramic particles that fill in the microscopic pits, pores and craters on your vehicle’s glass, making the surface perfectly smooth.  This prevents dirt, water, oil, snow, sleet and rain from adhering to the glass, keeping it clean while optimizing visibility.  Detailer’s Glass Coating creates such an immense amount of surface tension that water will bead up and roll off at speeds above 30 mph, rendering your windshield wipers virtually unnecessary! 


1.  Ensure surface is cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight.
2.  Polish the glass first using Detailer’s High Performance Glass Restorer
3.  Spray Detailer’s Glass Coating directly onto the surface and evenly distribute using a foam applicator.
4.  Allow product to set up for 2 minutes then lightly buff with a clean, soft, lint-free microfiber towel.  Do not apply any pressure to the towel while performing this step. 

4 oz.

Made in USA

DP Glass Coating
Item #: DP-230
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DP Paint, Wheel & Glass Coating Complete Kit
DP Paint, Wheel & Glass Coating Complete Kit

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DP Paint, Wheel & Glass Coating Complete Kit
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DP Glass Coating
4.5 Stars based on 9 Review(s)
Bloomington, In
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

June 17, 2015
Amazing results, using this in conjunction with the DP High Performance Glass Restorer yielded fantastic results. A little pricey but, worth every penny.
Great results, exactly as advertised
A bit pricey

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Slippery when wet
September 10, 2014
Put on 3 cars; one smears a little, one sqeakes and the other works great. Highly recommended.

Toronto, Ontario
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Good product
July 24, 2014
I thought this worked well as a glass sealant, but time will tell since I've only applied it about two weeks ago. When applying it you have to make sure to work kinda fast since it dries very quickly, even on a cold glass surface. There is a decent YouTube video that you should refer to before starting the application process.
Works well in being hydrophobic
Very expensive.

Mike Friedl
Purcellville, VA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Coating is very slick!
July 5, 2014
Goes on and off easy and quickly. Very slick, clear finish. I wish the prior owner of my truck used this years earlier to prevent water spots.
Goes on and off easily.

Rochester, NY
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

June 15, 2014
That's what my girlfriend said...After claying her windows and then buffing out with Ceriglass the windows were nice and clean. Very simple to use, just spay on and rub around covering the entire window. There were some high spots, but they were easily rubbed away with a micro cloth. Being used to Auquapel on how it goes on, this stuff seem to dry pretty fast and I was in the shade on a 73 degree cool day. So I suggest do in small section at a time. Time will tell on how long it last..Downside I say it is pricey..Get it in a bundle.
Simple Spray bottle Bottle Goes a long way Water flys right off
Dry quick for me compare to Aquapel Pricey for consumers

5 Stars

December 8, 2013
I had a clients window shield that has seen better days. I washed the window then took a razor blade and cleaned it. Clayed the window before a final clean and then compounded and polished the window. Then applied detailers glass coating to it. If you take the proper steps to clean the glass before putting this stuff on it really works and lasts many months. All my friends and clients love what this product does to there window shields!

5 Stars

November 7, 2013
Excellent product. Don't believe the one guy below, his description clearly shows signs of so done who didn't polish his window before hand. This has been on my windows for 4 months now and still beads water off like day one. Unreal awesome product.

5 Stars

Works great
October 8, 2013
I've had this on my car since it was introduced. It's still holding up like the day I applied it. Poster above probably didn't polish his glass first. You need to make sure the glass is smooth and clean first. Great product. Makes water bead up and roll off like theres no tomorrow.

3 Stars

Not bad, not great
September 28, 2013
Very similar to rain x but goes on easier and buffs fairly clear. It's difficult to get the streaking out after two minutes without using any pressure. After the last two rains, I really don't see this lasting a full year. Maybe six months.