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3M Transmission Conditioner 08821

3M Transmission Conditioner 08821
Conditions and protects vital transmission components

3M Transmission Conditioner is a transmission-additive that helps protect vital components against friction and wear. By adding 3M Transmission Conditioner to your vehicle’s transmission, you help reduce sludge and varnish while improving shift smoothness, especially in colder climates. 3M Transmission Conditioner is the professional’s choice for transmission maintenance and care.

3M Transmission Conditioner is cheap insurance for protecting the operating life of your vehicle’s transmission. By simply pouring a bottle of 3M Transmission Conditioner in your transmission after each fluid change, you ensure vital components operate at maximum efficiency, reducing internal wear and tear.

  • Reduces friction and wear to extend transmission life
  • Improves shifting and drivability
  • Reduces sludge and varnish
  • Compatible with all types of transmission fluid
  • Use one treatment with transmission fluid
Do not use with CVT (continuously variable) transmissions.

16 fl oz.

3M Transmission Conditioner 08821
Item #: 3M-08821
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3M Transmission Conditioner 08821