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128 oz. Duragloss All Purpose Cleaner (APC)

128 oz. Duragloss All Purpose Cleaner (APC)
A concentrated cleaner for virtually any automotive surface!

Duragloss All Purpose Cleaner is a blend of selected surfactants and cleaners that gently emulsify and remove dirt, oil, and grease. Duragloss APC can be diluted to safely clean vinyl and convertible tops, vinyl upholstery, etc., or use concentrated to clean white walls or degrease an engine.

You’ll find a million uses for Duragloss All Purpose Cleaner. The surfactant-based cleaner safely lifts dirt, oil and grease off a wide variety of surfaces. Everything from greasy engine components to vinyl seats will clean up beautifully with Duragloss APC. The formula is non-caustic and biodegradable.

Use Duragloss All Purpose Cleaner full strength for the greasiest areas, like the engine bay. Spray cool engine surfaces and allow the cleaner to sit for a couple of minutes. Then use a brush with nylon bristles to agitate the treated areas and rinse. Follow these same directions to remove greasy soil from wheel wells and tires.

For vinyl convertible tops, vinyl seats, tonneaus and door panels, dilute Duragloss All Purpose Cleaner according to the directions on the bottle.

Duragloss All Purpose Cleaner can also be used to clean rubber trim before applying a fresh coat of protectant. Use a Cobra Microfiber Towel or a nylon brush for the best results.

Duragloss All Purpose Cleaner really cleans up! Dilute this citrus-scented cleaner for some surfaces or use it full strength on heavily soiled automotive surfaces.

128 oz.

128 oz. Duragloss All Purpose Cleaner (APC)
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128 oz. Duragloss All Purpose Cleaner APC