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XMT Series by Pinnacle On Sale!
Xtreme Machine Technology

XMT Series by Pinnacle <font color=red>On Sale!</font><br><font size=1>Xtreme Machine Technology

Pinnacle's long history of quality car care products is beginning a new chapter with XMT Series, a collection of products designed to optimize machine application.

The method of car care has changed over the years. Now, instead of polishing tirelessly by hand, enthusiasts are turning to machine buffing to achieve the perfect shine. XMT Series, or Xtreme Machine Technology Series, is designed for a growing generation of car care enthusiasts who enjoy the performance and unparalleled results of power polishers.

Pinnacle XMT Series

The trend in polishers and buffers in recent years has been to make them more accessible and user-friendly for the consumer. Manufacturers realized that not every customer is a trained specialist, but every customer does want a glossy, mirror-bright shine on their vehicles. Weekend warriors and enthusiasts alike can achieve more impressive results at home than they ever could by hand. XMT Series opens the door to machine technology that wasn't really being pursued beforehand because the market of machine users was so small. Pinnacle XMT Series is a collection of car care products formulated specifically for the machine user.

Each XMT Series product is formulated to take full advantage of machine application. Unique emollients, engineered lubricants, and Concentrated Micro Abrasives are just a few of the ways XMT Series is setting a new standard for machine-applied products.

All XMT Series products are formulated in Florida, the home of Pinnacle Natural Brilliance. Intense heat and humidity are constant challenges here. That's why all XMT products are created to work as promised in the sun or shade.

Pinnacle is dedicated to preserving your vehicle and the environment. Pinnacle XMT products are VOC compliant and silicone-free. Plus, XMT swirl removers are body-shop safe.

I am proud to bring you some of the most user-friendly, machine-applied car care products ever. XMT Series combines Pinnacle's quality with the latest machine technology to create practical products that deliver fantastic results.

This is a great invitation to those of you who are curious about mechanical detailing but just haven't taken the leap. XMT Series makes detailing with a polisher practical, affordable, and easy for anyone - even if you've never picked up a polisher. Once you make the decision to purchase a polisher, XMT Series will take care of the rest.

I have personally tested each XMT product with various dual action and rotary polishers and I'm confident that you will share my enthusiasm once you try Pinnacle XMT Series on your own vehicle.

Enjoy the ride!