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Wolfgang Microfiber Cleaner and Rejuvenator 128 oz.

The only microfiber detergent formulated for high efficiency (HE) washing machines!

Wolfgang Microfiber Cleaner and Rejuvenator is the first and only microfiber detergent formulated with the HE washing machine in mind. Wolfgang Microfiber Cleaner and Rejuvenator is a specially formulated detergent that deep cleans microfiber towels and tools, effectively removing oily and greasy residues. Wolfgang Microfiber Cleaner and Rejuvenator preserves the soft texture and unique absorption qualities of microfiber towels and tools. Highly concentrated formula only requires an ounce or two depending on the size of the load!

Take a minute and look at your collection of microfiber towels. If you’re a true Auto Geek, your microfiber towel collection consists of a handful of Waffle Weave Guzzlers, Gold Plush Juniors, Miracle Towels, and the beloved Super Plush Deluxe – in all sizes of course. Fact of the matter is, microfiber towels aren’t cheap, and once you build up a collection, you should properly maintain your investment with Wolfgang Microfiber Cleaner & Rejuvenator – the first and only microfiber detergent formulated for use in high efficiency washing machines.

Wolfgang Microfiber Cleaner and Rejuvenator removes heavy grease and grime
Wolfgang Microfiber Cleaner and Rejuvenator is safe for use in HE washing machines
Wolfgang Microfiber Cleaner and Rejuvenator breaks up and releases compound, polish, and wax residue, leaving your microfiber towels looking and feeling new after every wash. Unlike household detergents that contain dyes, perfumes, and fabric softeners, Wolfgang Microfiber Cleaner and Rejuvenator is a pure detergent that rinses completely clean, without foaming up or leaving unwanted residue in the towels. Your microfiber towels will be left in the purest form after every wash, exactly how they should be!

Wolfgang Microfiber Cleaner and Rejuvenator is formulated using a complex blend of surfactants, emulsifiers, and water softeners. The clean-rinsing formula was formulated to be safe for use in all washing machines, including high efficiency (HE) washing machine models. Wolfgang Microfiber Cleaner and Rejuvenator is highly concentrated, so you only need an ounce or two depending on the size of the load. The 16 ounce bottle features a cleverly designed built-in measuring cup to ensure that you use the proper amount based on the size of the load.

Wolfgang Microfiber Cleaner and Rejuvenator was primarily designed to clean microfiber towels and tools, but it also works great for cleaning leather chamois and terrycloth towels. What’s more, Wolfgang Microfiber Cleaner and Rejuvenator is 100% biodegradable.

Always wash microfiber separately from other laundry. Do not use fabric softener, bleach, or dryer sheets. Add 1 ounce to washing machine to clean a half load of microfiber. Add 2 ounces to clean a full load. Tumble dry microfiber on low heat or no heat.

Wolfgang Microfiber Cleaner and Rejuvenator is safe for HE washing machines!
Set temperature to "hot cold"
Wolfgang Microfiber Cleaner and Rejuvenator deep cleans microfiber towels and tools
Set to heavy wash cycle
Wolfgang Microfiber Cleaner and Rejuvenator is highly concentrated
Squeeze bottle to fill measuring cup
Wolfgang Microfiber Cleaner and Rejuvenator removes greasy and oily residue from microfiber
Pour into washing machine - that's it!

128 oz.

Wolfgang Microfiber Cleaner and Rejuvenator 128 oz.

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100% Recommend this product (8 of 8 responses)
By Dan
November 28, 2016
cleans well
High in price, does the job. Is not thick like normal liquid laundry detergent.
ProsCleans well
By Steve Thomas
High Ridge Missouri
November 16, 2016
Great product
Works just as described.
By Justin
Sandy springs, GA
January 18, 2015
Great product!!!
Before being introduced to the wolfgang microfiber wash / rejuvenator I was washing my microdibers 2x before putting in dryer. This is no longer necessary. I'll continue to use and support this amazing product.
By Mike
October 24, 2014
Good stuff!
Got the gallon after trying a small bottle... works super well as a refill! Great microfiber restorer. I use 1/2 to 1 oz in an HE washer with fantastic results. That means, 128 to 256 loads. Very economical choice, bringing it much closer, but not quite to the low price of using regular "free" detergents. Probably the strongest chemical you can safely use on microfiber (that doesn't cause damage... don't ask me how I know)
Pros+Decent bulk price +Great for refilling measuring bottle +Awesome detergent, I use at 1/2 recommended dosage with great results +Rinses clean in half the number of rinse cycles in my HE washer vs. standard detergents
Cons-Doesn't remove everything (IE mineral spirits, paraffin wax, embedded stains)... but I don't know of any MF safe chemical that will.
By mike
planet earth
September 20, 2014
the best yet
This is an excellent cleaner and works better than any other MF Specific detergent in HE washer machines. With an HE machine the rinse cycles are pathetic when compared to the original top load machines of the past. The manufacturers are so worried about water consumption and being green that some of the machines really struggle to rinse out sudsy soaps. In the past it would take 3 or more rinse cycles before sudsing was gone with the other MF detergents. I have since stepped up to Samsung HE washer and driers and it seems they do a better job at washing and rinsing than the Maytag I had. But anyway this soap is very low sudsing, which makes rinsing out completely very easy. Its the first MF soap I have used that rinses away completely on the first cycle. For this alone , its a huge time saver. Cleaning power is about the same as other competing products as well. I still have quite a serious problem with the price though. There is absolutely NO WAY that it cost this type of money to produce these detergents. In reality I wouldn't be surprised if it cost the manufacturer of this product more money for the empty gallon jug and waterproof label than the product itself. I would love to be proven wrong on this fact that not many people discuss. The most expensive chemical in the formula is most likely the addition of the low foaming chemical (similar to Meg's APC+ low foaming chemical).
ProsGreat cleaner, Low foaming, rinse's the first time and completely, nice bottle and waterproof label.
ConsPRICE !! PRICE !! PRICE !!! and also the price
August 24, 2014
By Frank
Venice, FL
June 25, 2014
Excellent Microfiber Cleaner
Tried this cleaning product based upon reading many reviews on several different detailing forum boards. This product matches up with all of the positive reviews that I read and has done an excellent job of cleaning the microfiber towels that I have. Works as advertised, cleans the toweling extremely well bringing back an almost like new never used feel to the fiber and leave no residue after the final rinse. The directions indicate that only 2 ounces are needed for a large or full load in a washing machine, I have found that 3 to 4 ounces are needed to the machines that I have been using for a large load that contains approximately 35 towels. Product works well, and I will buy more in the future.
By kevin
paradise ca
May 26, 2014
i have used several brands mf cleaner and wofgang by far exceeds all of them leaving them clean and most important fluffs up the towels and makes them super soft were other brands made them stiff and hard. like every thing else wolfgang makes 5 star wont
Prosmakes mf towels extra soft and fluffy no residue left over saves time and money when you only have to wash towels once