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Sprayway Industrial DE-ICER

Cold weather is no match for the DE-ICER

Cold, icy winters are unavoidable, car issues shouldn’t have to be a part of that headache. With the Sprayway Industrial DE-ICER you can melt away ice and frost with the flick of finger on the spray nozzle. Sprayway Industrial DE-ICER can make winter magical again without the fear of ice encapsulating your car. Sprayway Industrial DE-ICER removes the ice from your door locks, wipers, headlights and windows, making your car safe and usable for cold weather driving.

Winter can be a wonderful, festive time of year, but it’s also the time for snow to take hold of our lives. The last thing you want when your running late to work on a frigid morning is to find your windows caked with ice. Not only that, but you can’t even get inside your car because the lock is frosted over. Luckily, the Sprayway Industrial DE-ICER in its handy spray bottle, melts ice fast and can prevent the issue in the future.

When dealing with cars and snow, one of the main things you want out of a product is not only that it works, but that is works fast. No one wants to sit and chip away at ice and frost with some ice pick. With the convenience of Sprayway Industrial DE-ICER’s spray bottle, you can melt ice fast with every spray. This product is scientifically concocted to melt away ice, but is not hazardous to the car’s finish.

Windows, headlights and windshield wipers covered in ice and frost are dangerous when not removed correctly. Sprayway Industrial DE-ICER can prevent future ice buildup before it happens by spraying the chemically designed formula on the car wipers, windshields and locks before freezing weather approaches. You can use this product weekly, especially in the areas where colder weather is imminent.

Sprayway Industrial DE-ICER will make your winter months less stressful, less time consuming and even safer. Instead of cursing the snow, you can watch how it disappears from your car like magic. Headlights will be clear and bright, windshield wipers will sway back and forth and windows will be translucent transparent, all without wearing on the detail work of your car.

Directions for Use:
To prevent frozen windshields, wipers and locks: Apply DE-ICER immediately before freezing weather is expected. Use once every week in locks during cold weather.
To melt ice on windshields, car windows and headlights: Start up car and turn on defroster. Hold can upright, direct spray toward ice and press button. For quicker action windshields, turn on wipers.
To open locks: Hold can upright, close to lock, direct the spray into lock. Will not harm vehicle's finish.

16 oz. Aerosol

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Sprayway Industrial DE-ICER

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Sprayway Industrial DE-ICER