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One Pass Soft-N-Dry Waterblade 11 Inches

Remove 90% of moisture in just one pass!

The One Pass Soft-N-Dry Waterblade dries your vehicle in minutes! The soft, flexible T-bar blade hugs the curves of your car to push water away. The Waterblade is made of soft, medical grade silicone that will not scratch! Use the One Pass Soft-N-Dry Waterblade on glass, metal, paint, and plastic.

Don't you hate water spots? The only way to prevent water spots is by drying your vehicle. The One Pass Soft-N-Dry Waterblade makes it quick and easy to completely dry your vehicle in a fraction of the time of towel-drying. Just glide the One Pass Soft-N-Dry Waterblade over the vehicle and whisk water away. Sleek, curvaceous vehicles are no problem. The blade glides over curved and concave surfaces, taking 90% of water with it!

The One Pass Soft-N-Dry Waterblade is safe on any surface. The soft silicone from which the blade was crafted does not retain any abrasive particles that may be on your paint.

Towels require washing and chamois can stiffen. They both need to be wrung out. The One Pass Superflex Waterblade needs no maintenance. It just keeps working!

The One Pass Soft-N-Dry Waterblade will work best on a waxed or just-washed vehicle. Just glide the blade lightly over the wet surface and watch the water move! It may be necessary to wipe around mirrors and the grill with a microfiber towel to prevent drips. I highly recommend the Cobra Guzzler Waffle Weave Towel. It's paint-safe and extremely absorbent.

You’ll find many uses for the One Pass Soft-N-Dry Waterblade in your home, too. Use it to clean and dry mirrors to streak-free perfection. Use it to remove excess water from shower doors, glass doors, and windows. In fact, the second most common use of this blade is drying shower doors. Remove excess water to prevent water spots and keep your shower looking cleaner.

The One Pass Soft-N-Dry Waterblade is excellent for boats, too! It’s a great way to quickly remove water from fiberglass or the windshield.

The One Pass Soft-N-Dry Waterblade is the fastest way to remove excess water from virtually any surface! The super-flexible blade will whisk away virtually all moisture in minutes!

  • 11 inches
  • Soft, medical grade silicone blade
  • Patented T-bar edge

One Pass Soft-N-Dry Waterblade 11 Inches

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New Tripoli, PA
This is a time saver for any high production shop. Gets almost all the water off the car and drastically reduces how many microfiber towels you will use, which means less towel washing. Don't be afraid of it scratching your paint like some say. That can happen even with a microfiber towel. This is far faster than using just a towel and will really cut back on any chance of water spots. Yeah it makes a slight squeaking noise, but so what?
Prosremoves water fast, reduces chance for water spots
Morovis, PR
Great blade material
Make a drying process more faster.
Phoenix, AZ
Works great - I loved it immediately! I had another squeegee from a the dark ages when I still bought car care products from places like Target. This product runs circles around it, and the soft medical grade silicone is so much more comforting to use....

I looked at the larger blade. It seems to be the same, but I definitely couldn't rationalize the much higher price.
ProsVery soft Excellent water removal
The water blade does remove water nicely from a clean car
ProsRemoves water effortlessly
ConsSqueals like a pig
Cairo, Ga
Super fast drying
This blade helps you quickly dry whatever you have washed. Works best on large areas like hoods, roofs & windshields.
ProsQuick,easy & soft on paint
ConsIt can't get down in crevices like diamond plate. But will get some of that water out.