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Poorboy's World SSR 2.5 Medium Super Swirl Remover 16 oz

One step moderate swirl removal.

Some people think swirl removal is too risky for the average do-it-yourselfer, but Poorboy’s couldn’t disagree more. With their line of user-friendly swirl removers, anyone can get professional results with or without a polisher. Case in point: Poorboy’s SSR2.5. This medium abrasive swirl remover will eliminate light to moderate blemishes without the need for a refining polish before you apply the wax.

SSR2.5 is more than a polish but less than a compound. Rather than just cleaning the surface paint like a polish, it removes light to moderate imperfections to improve the paint’s texture. Unlike a compound that removes flaws but requires the use of a fine polish afterwards, SSR2.5 corrects and refines the paint in one step. You get the best of both worlds in one bottle!

All Poorboy’s products are formulated to be used in or out of the sun. They will not dry to a stubborn haze or mar your finish if applied in direct sunlight. Poorboy’s Super Swirl Remover can be applied by hand or with a polisher, by a professional or a novice. It works beautifully on all paint and clear coat finishes and on vehicles of all ages. SSR2.5 contains no silicone or wax. Light to moderate swirls, scratches, oxidation, and overspray are no match for this remarkable product!

Use an orange light cutting pad with your variable speed polisher for the most effective swirl removal.

Just a side note: SSR2.5 smells like bubblegum. That should make your detailing experience a little more fun!

Don’t shy away from swirl removers. Poorboy’s SSR2.5 is easy to use and delivers amazing results on all kinds of finishes.

16 oz.

Poorboy's World SSR 2.5 Medium Super Swirl Remover 16 oz

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By Joe
July 4, 2014
Did Wonders
I detailed my Bosses black truck that hadn't been done in 10 years. Corrected all but the chipped paint, and dents.
By Alex
May 28, 2009
It worked well and was cheap, but the amount of dust it created was annoying. I had to rewash my car when I was done before I could seal it because there was so much dust.
By Jason
May 13, 2009
Good Polish
Used this to remove swirls/scratches from black finish. Was able to remove most of the defects in one pass (good enough, so didn't go back over it). I did find that following it up with SSR1 polish made a big difference, as the SSR2.5 left behind some spider webbing. But SSR2.5 followed by SSR1 corrected most of the swirls/scratches.
By Joe G.
October 30, 2007
SSR2.5 is a great correcting polish
Ive used SSR2.5 to remove medium-bad swirls on black paint, as well as scratches that I would consider pretty deep. It needed to be finished with a lighter polish, like SSR1, but It did the job in correcting where needed. It dusts a little, and seems to work best with a polishing pad. Good polish for the price. Joe G. New Jersey
By Justin - part time detailer full time enthusiast
April 25, 2007
Good all around product
good product to have if you want to have only one polish on your shelf...will finish clean and can be used with any pad for different results
By budman3
April 23, 2007
Simply my favorite compound to use with the Porter Cable 7424. This polish will tackle a huge amount of swirls!! Very easy to use and easy to remove.
By Mike T
April 23, 2007
It's strong
This is some strong stuff. Once you get to know it, you pretty much don't even need to follow up with a clean polishing. It does however dust alot.
By FloridaNative
June 23, 2006
I love this polish
This is a great polish. It really can do wonders depending on how it's used. Like the other Poorboys' products it can be used on many surfaces and does not stain trim and it can be used in the sun. A big plus. The price is fantastic and this polish really accomplishes what it sets out to. A great product!
By James Watkins
March 22, 2006
A compund that finishes like a light polish!
My go to for all of my polishing needs. SSR 2.5 offers amazing versitilityunrival by any of its competitors. It is best used for swirl removal with a PC with a polising pad!
By Matt
March 18, 2006
user friendly
this swirl remover will remove those unsightly swirls that are in your paint. it is easy to apply and remove, leaves a nice smooth clear finish. you can use this in the sun as well. I use this all the time for removing deeper swirls ot water marks. it also smells good !