Paint Chip and Scratch Repair

Paint Chip and Scratch Repair

Repair paint chips and scratches!

Remove almost any surface scratch and restore the paint’s luster with the rubbing compounds and spot polishing tools you see here. Fill in paint chips seamlessly with Dr. Colorchip Road Rash Paint Chip Repair Kit or the Langka Complete Paint Chip Repair Kit. Level scratches with the Langka Complete Wet Sanding Kit or polish out scratches with scratch removers by Meguiars, Mothers, 3M and many more.

The Langka Paint Chip Repair Kit is a simple paint chip repair system. First prep the scratch. Then fill it with touch-up paint from your vehicle dealer. Remove excess paint with Langka’s Blob Eliminator to make the surface level. Finally seal the repair. Repairing a paint chip with the Langka Kit is easy, fast, and the results are almost invisible.

Dr. ColorChip is a paint chip and road rash repair system that supplies you with custom-blended paint for your vehicle. High quality automotive paint and a proprietary blending solution fill and hide paint blemishes in two simple steps.

For light scratches, use Meguiars ScratchX, 3M Scratch Remover, or one of our many rubbing compounds. For heavier scratches, we carry sanding and finishing discs to restore the smooth texture to the paint. Then follow up with a compound and polish to restore the shine. Everything you need to repair scratches and paint chips is here at Autogeek.