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Optimum Hyper Polish Spray New Formula!

New formula cuts more and creates a smoother, glossier finish!

Paint perfect in a spray!

Could it be? A spray car polish? It is. Optimum Hyper Polish Spray is a fast cutting, zero dusting polish in a spray-on liquid form. Optimum Hyper Polish Spray contains a unique blend of proprietary polymers and dusting agents that will rapidly remove swirls and minor blemishes while producing brilliant gloss and clarity. There's nothing else like it!


Optimum Hyper Polish Spray was developed for a major car manufacturer looking for a fast-acting finishing polish for their manufacturing plant. After wet sanding, they wanted a polish that would fully remove the sanding marks, and they wanted to eliminate the hazing that resulted from dry areas of the pad. Optimum Hyper Polish Spray fulfilled both requirements.

For starters, Optimum Hyper Polish Spray is a fantastic finishing polish. Optimum Hyper Polish Spray removes sanding scratches without hazing and finishes beautifully. Use it on scratches, swirls, and oxidation to restore a smooth. glossy finish.Next, the polish had to eliminate the dry buffing marks produced by the pad. Spray application was the only way. Spray application allows you to spread product more evenly over the paint and the buffing pad. By spraying the polish onto a buffing pad, you can effectively prime the entire pad with a minimal amount of product. Therefore you're using the entire pad to polish the paint. You'll achieve perfect results often in less time than a conventional polish, though you can work as long as needed. Optimum Hyper Polish Spray has a very long working time and does not dust.

Optimum Hyper Polish Spray was designed as a finishing polish but it acts more aggressively when used with a more aggressive pad. You could even use a wool pad. Optimum Hyper Polish Spray has the cutting power anywhere between a finishing polish and a light compound, depending on the pad selected. Optimum Hyper Polish Spray is the polish you need, no matter what kind of polish you need!

Optimum Hyper Polish Spray contains a combination of super micro abrasives (which cut through the entire buffing cycle) and diminishing abrasives (which break down under pressure over time). This combined technology allows Optimum Hyper Polish Spray to cut as long as necessary to remove blemishes while still finishing smooth and glossy. Amazing!

Just like all Optimum polishes, Optimum Hyper Polish Spray is extremely easy to use. Its spray application minimizes the chance of overloading or gumming up the pad, and it promotes even application. Optimum Hyper Polish Spray does not sling and can be easily cleaned up with a damp microfiber towel. Use it in the sun or shade to achieve outstanding results.

Optimum hyper polish spray


Optimum Hyper Polish Spray is VOC compliant and body shop safe. It has been approved for auto plant use and has performed successfully in plant trials. If Optimum Hyper Polish Spray can perform in the demanding environment of a manufacturing plant, you can definitely depend on it to perform in your garage!

Optimum Hyper Polish Spray is the future of car polishes. Its innovative spray application, long working time, and flawless results put it in a class all its own. Try Optimum Hyper Polish Spray and achieve the Optimum finish!

18 oz. spray

Directions: Shake well.

  1. Use a polishing foam pad with a rotary buffer at 1200-1600 RPM. Optimum Hyper Polish Spray can also be used on an orbital polisher with the pad of your choice.
  2. Use one to two sprays per 2 ft. area. You can spray the pad or the car panel. There is no need to apply additional product because Optimum Hyper Polish Spray has a long working time.
  3. Use light to medium pressure on the buffer until desired results are achieved.
  4. Wipe off residue with a dampened microfiber towel.

Optimum Hyper Polish Spray New Formula!

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Wow - Two Thumbs Up!
All I can say is wow. This formulation really works well. Talking about low to no dusting, extended working time as described and effectiveness..... check!
Fowlerville, Mich
Awesome polish
Used this after a wash and clay bar with a flex 3401 and lake country yellow cutting pad. The results were incredible, and product was very easy to work with. There is some time saving over a liquid polish.

A 2008 Subura Outback that my wife drives daily. It is being prepped for the second round of Pinniacle Black Lable Diamond paint coating. Car was treated approximately 4 years ago and maintain with 2 coats of Synergy every 4 months.

Used the hyper polish to remove and minor imperfections, which after years I think all our vehicles acquire. Some improvement on heavy scratches, light maring and swirls incredible.

This will be one of my go products for prepping a vehicle for a sealant or coating. It definitely meets my expectations.

No photes as vehicle is still in progress for a coating.
ProsExcellent product with incredible results along with easy of use.
ConsFirst time I used this product, so none as of this posting
New Orleans, La
It’s just as easy to remove as it is to apply and leaves the car looking like WOW!!!
Alameda, CA
Optimum FTW!
Very easy to use polish. Just one spray per section and it lasts as long as you need it to. Never dusts and leaves a brilliant finish even on soft Japanese clear. First use was on a 2014 Nissan Alantra in jet black and Hyper Polish finished down beautifully. Just remember not to over apply, 1 spray on the pad is enough to do an entire door! I only used maybe an ounce to do the whole car.
Prosdecent cut with very good finish no dust long working time very economical as very little is needed
Consnone other than having to clean the sprayer out after use to keep it from gumming up
Rhode Island
Very Happy Customer
Let me start by saying I am a complete beginner with auto detailing. I picked up a porter cable kit and some Wolfgang products a few years ago and watched countless autogeek how to's. The first time I did my subaru it was in pretty poor shape. Quite a few light scratches and completely full of swirls from car washes (before I knew the damage they were doing!). Things went great with the swirl remover and glaze but it really took me a lot of time. Pretty much an entire weekend. I picked up the OPC hyper polish on bogs the next year to try. Car had a lot of swirling and hard water etchings. I used lake country tangerine hydro tech pads. Polishing really couldn't have gone easier. Being a rookie I had a tendency to over work other products to the point they would dry and clot pads. The hyper polish never dusted on me or dried out it just slowly worked down until it flashed, usually around 6 passes for me. At this point it still wasn't dried out making it very easy to wipe off. It seemed to leave a very slight oil behind but cleaned up fine with car pro eraser. What was left was a perfectly swirl free glossy finish. All in one single step. From what I've read subarus (mine an 09 legacy) have softer paint so maybe that's why the one step worked but I was very impressed with how easily it cut through some heavy swirling but still left a really great finish ready for wax after one step. The hyper polish was much easier to work with for me than other products. Really only took about two full sprays for each section and I used very little product to do the whole car. I've done the car three more times since and had fantastic results each time and it's saved me a lot of time to some two step products I've used before. I made sure when I was done every time to disconnect the spray nozzle and spray the remaining product I the tube back into the bottle and completely screw the nozzle closed. The sprayer hasnt clogged or dried out on me by doing this. i don't think I'll bother trying any other compounds or polishes. This just works to easily for me to bother trying. Thanks optimum for such a great product.
ProsSpray delivery evenly coats and primes pad Can cut more or less based on bad choice Doesn't dry out or dust Doesn't cake up the pad Little goes a long way Easy to use
ConsNozzle and sprayed can clog if not properly drained after use. Leaves a slight film after wiping