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Nanoskin LV Rinse Leather & Vinyl Cleaner 16 oz.

Nanoskin LV Rinse Leather & Vinyl Cleaner 16 oz.

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Leather and vinyl cleaning made easy!

Nanoskin LV Rinse Leather & Vinyl cleaner is composed of a specially selected blend of non-alkaline cleaning agents that are designed to deep clean leather without removing its natural oils.  Nanoskin LV Rinse Leather & Vinyl Cleaner sprays in a thick foam that sits on the surface instead of soaking in.  This gives the cleaning agents more time to break up dirt, grime and body oils so they can be effortlessly wiped away.  If it’s made of leather or vinyl, Nanoskin LV Rinse Leather & Vinyl Cleaner will clean it!

How many times have you attempted to clean your leather seats only to have the cleaner soak into the surface or run down the side of the seat?  That’s not a concern with Nanoskin LV Rinse Leather & Vinyl Cleaner as its thick foaming action sits on the surface to loosen and suspend dirt and grime.  Nanoskin LV Rinse Leather & Vinyl Cleaner does all the work for you; no heavy scrubbing required!  Simply spray, wait a few minutes, and wipe away any residue to reveal a surface that looks as good, if not better, than the day it was new. Only heavily soiled seats will need agitation from a brush or cloth.

Leather seating surfaces are a costly option in most vehicles.  When we pay the premium for such an option, we are lured in because of how soft and supple the new leather is.  As time progresses and the miles start to build, the leather begins to dry, crack, and in some cases, it fades.  Getting in and out of your vehicle every day and having your skin constantly touch the leather takes its toll.  If it’s not properly cared for - as in routinely cleaned and conditioned - your costly leather will begin to look like cheap, tatty vinyl!  A regular cleaning regimen with Nanoskin LV Rinse Leather & Vinyl Cleaner will ensure your leather looks – and feels – like what a premium option in an automobile should!


  1. Remove all loose dirt by vacuuming.
  2. Mist a damp towel with LV RINSE and massage into the upholstery. Particularly soiled areas may require agitation with a Natural Horse Hair Interior Upholstery Brush.
  3. Use the cleaner sparingly and do not allow it to dry on the upholstery.
  4. Wipe away excess cleaner with a clean, dry microfiber towel.

For best results, follow up with Nanoskin Feed Leather & Vinyl Protectant.

16 oz.

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Nanoskin LV Rinse Leather & Vinyl Cleaner 16 oz.