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Mothers CMX Ceramic Wash & Coat

Mothers CMX Ceramic Wash & Coat

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Mother knows best when it comes to ceramic washing!

Meet Mothers CMX Ceramic Wash & Coat, the fastest way to a brilliantly clean, liquid gloss appearance. Mothers CMX Ceramic Wash & Coat washes your car to top of the line perfection, penetrating contaminants and leaving a clean ‘just coated’ finish. Mothers CMX Ceramic Wash & Coat causes little sudsing, but high a lubricating formula. Water spots are no match for the Mothers CMX Ceramic Wash & Coat thanks to the hydrophobic properties of ceramic coatings. The SiO2 nano quartz protected finish makes sure that Mothers CMX Ceramic Wash & Coat not only leaves your car looking good, but also protected.

A wash with ceramic coating qualities, like SiO2 nano quartz is hard to come by. Protecting while washing and shining while washing, is something only one can hope for to save time in their detailing process. Besides, who doesn’t want their car looking nearly perfect just by giving it a good wash? Give Mothers CMX Ceramic Wash & Coat a go and see what a ceramic wash really looks like.

Mothers CMX Ceramic Wash & Coat uses SiO2 nano quartz technology to give you an incredible liquid gloss appearance. The nano technology of this coating will fill in the microscopic divots that can be found in your clear coat and other surfaces to which it is applied. Just as compelling, is the hydrophobic qualities a SiO2 nano quartz possesses. This hydrophobic property not only repels water, but it will also repel chemicals and it can withstand extreme temperatures and exposure to UV rays. Because the nano technology is sealing all those peaks and valleys on the car’s clear coating, it also makes it resistant to future scratches. This is because now the pollutants and defecting capabilities can no longer find their way into the crevasses on your car (that are not visible to the naked eye), but instead those pollutants and defects will now bounce off your ceramic coat, rather than hindering the paint work.

Water spots, what’s that? That’s the question you’ll be asking yourself after you experience the effect of Mothers CMX Ceramic Wash & Coat water softening polymers. The water softening polymers break down the harsh contaminants commonly found in water. Whether water affects your car from rain, sprinklers or other water sources, these polymers make sure nothing sticks to your car’s surface. These water fighting polymers give you a hydrophobic powerhouse. Water spots won’t even have the chance to remain on your surface and will instead instantly bead off in a beautiful way. Due to Mothers CMX Ceramic Wash & Coat hydrophobic properties, you will have less of a drying time and can rest assured that you can rinse and dry without fear of streaking or spotting.

This wash and coat is environmentally safe and has neutral pH. Having pH neutral means that it is neither acidic nor alkaline, signifying it is closer to pure water than it is to a harmful chemical. Mothers CMX Wash & Wax can still be used on your vehicle even if it already has a ceramic coating, sealant or wax, as it will just work as an additional bead booster.

48 oz.
Mothers CMX Ceramic Wash & Coat