Mobile Tech RX

Mobile Tech RX

Streamline your detailing business no matter where you are!

Mobile Tech RX is an all in one business management solution made for auto recon techs by auto recon techs. It's slick design makes it easy to pick up and learn without a huge learning curve, so you can spend more time detailing and less time trying to figure out a new software. Mobile Tech RX can help you write estimates/invoice, manage your clients, send automated alerts, schedule appointments, and much more.

Make your business look as clean and professional as the vehicles you work with. A lot of the industry pros are still using pen and paper and quoting prices off the top of their head. But as a business owner, you're already wearing a lot of hats, and a tool like Mobile Tech RX can wear some of them for you.They can take care of your billing, client follow ups, and even help you upcharge for services you might not be charging for right now. Mobile Tech RX saves you time while making you more money.

Mobile Tech RX Features:
Mobile RX Estimates & Invoices

Estimates & Invoices:

Create perfect estimates with a built-in pricing calculator and impress your customers with professional, branded invoices.

Mobile RX Detail Conditional Factors

Detail Conditional Factors:

Covered with tree sap and filled with pet hair? Not all jobs are created equal! Charge accordingly based on the condition of the vehicle.

Mobile RX Text alerts

Text alerts:

Send automated text reminders to minimize no-shows and last minute cancellations, and to ask customers to leave you a positive review after their service.

Mobile RX VIN Scanning

VIN Scanning:

Check in cars in seconds with the industry-leading VIN scanner.

Mobile RX Photo documentation

Photo documentation:

Take before photos of all of your cars with timestamps.

Mobile RX Payment processing

Payment processing:

Prompt your clients to pay online or take payments with a compact tap/swipe/insert card reader. Boost your income with the tip prompt screen and rates as low as 2.7%.

Mobile RX Scheduling


Maximize your team's efficiency with one app that handles the entire customer workflow.


For more information and to view pricing plans, visit the link below!

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For more information and to view pricing plans, visit the link below!

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