Meguiars 8 Inch Soft Buff Pads

Quality foam pads from one of the oldest names in automotive care.

Even though dual-action polishers are relatively easy to use and produce beautiful results, they fall short of completely removing deep scratches and swirls. For that you have to use a circular polisher. The high-speed, concentrated motion wears down the clear coat to the lowest point of the blemish so that it is level with the surrounding area. Novice detailers beware.

Because the use of circular polishers is limited to professionals and very skilled hobbyists, accessories are often few and far between. Fortunately, Meguiar's makes a line of professional Soft Buff pads exclusively for circular polishers. These pads come in three varieties to tackle every step of the compounding process. Your circular polisher can be as gentle or as aggressive as you prefer by just changing the pad.

All of the Meguiar's Soft Buff Pads are made with an exclusive foam cell structure that improves air flow. Heat generated by the friction of the pad can escape through this porous structure, lessening the chance of burning the paint. Great care should still be taken to prevent this permanent problem. These pads also feature a quick-change Hook & Loop backing system that holds the pad securely in place until you are ready to change it.

Burgundy Cutting Pad 8"- This pad is the most aggressive with moderate cutting power. It will remove moderate swirls, scratches, and oxidation without creating swirl marks like wool pads. Use with a swirl remover or paint cleaner. This dense foam is safe for clear coats if properly used.

Yellow Polishing Pad 8"- This pad has mild cutting action and should be used to apply polishes to newer vehicles. It removes minor surface imperfections and restores an attractive luster to your paint. Use with a mild swirl remover or fine polish. You can also use it for wax application, but do not use the same pad for different products. This pad is safe for clear coats.

Beige Finishing Pad 8"- This pad has no cutting or cleaning power and is used to apply the final coat of protective wax or sealant. This soft foam is gentle on paint and clear coats, and creates a high gloss shine without swirl marks. Use with Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Protectant for a brilliant finish.

While these pads attempt to minimize the risk involved with circular polishers, you should still be an experienced operator or in the company of an experienced detailer when using a circular polisher.

Use the Meguiar's 6" backing plate with these pads. MG-W65DA for your DA Polisher or
MG-W65 for your Circular Polisher For those who swear by circular polishers, Meguiar's pads offer performance and great value. Buy one of each color to eliminate the full spectrum of imperfections on your vehicle, restoring it to a flawless shine.