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Meguiars Mirror Glaze #5 New Car Glaze

Meguiars Mirror Glaze #5 New Car GlazePut the WOW in your vehicle’s finish.

Meguiars New Car Glaze #5 is a true polish that restores paint’s gloss with rich nutrients and oils. It wipes off easily in hot, humid conditions and leaves paint with a deep, reflective shine. Apply by hand, dual action buffer, or rotary buffer.

Sometimes paint doesn’t need correction; it just needs a boost. Meguiars New Car Glaze #5 gives it that boost of gloss and color with nutrients that restore the paint’s like-new appearance. Use #5 as a final step after swirl removal or as a precursor to the wax to create the deepest possible shine.

Meguiars New Car Glaze #5 is so easy to use, you can literally wipe it on with a soft applicator, let it haze, and then wipe it off. The polish doesn’t need to break down and it doesn’t require any working time. This quick glaze takes your vehicle’s finish from dull to dramatic in one easy application.

Use Meguiars New Car Glaze #5 on all types of paint, including clear coats, as well as hard plastic and fiberglass. The paint-loving oils saturate the finish to create a vibrant, wet-looking gloss that looks showroom new. Top it with your favorite wax to deepen the gloss and protect your work. Though, its tough to call this work. Meguiars New Car Glaze #5 wipes on and off effortlessly.

If you’re applying Meguiars New Car Glaze #5 with a polisher, use a soft finishing pad. This is a glaze/polish with no real abrasive action so you you’re just using the buffer as a means of application. There is no need to apply additional pressure to the buffer. Just spread on #5 at a low speed. Allow it to haze and then buff the paint to a brilliant gloss with a Cobra Miracle Towel.

Make your vehicle look like new again – maybe better – with Meguiars New Car Glaze #5.

16 fl. oz.

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