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Meguiars Car Wash Plus+

No wash buckets needed!

Meguiars Car Wash Plus+ is an innovative new car wash product that eliminates the need for buckets – but it’s not a spray and wipe waterless wash! This super concentrated, lotion-like formula applies directly to your wash mitt and then to your paint! No mixing and repeated trips to your wash bucket – probably the easiest car wash you’ll ever do!

Meguiars Car Wash Plus+ is definitely a new take on car wash products. This 100% active formula removes not only dirt and grime, but also bugs, grease, light stains and light scuff marks as well! The super concentrated formula makes for maximum cleaning and a little bit goes a long way!

Many people are surprised to hear how long a standard car wash takes. When you add together all of the time spent filling your buckets, mixing your product at the correct temperature, and doing the actual wash itself, you’re looking at a good few hours of work. Meguiars Car Wash Plus+ cuts down on this working time by eliminating the need for buckets!

When used with a clean and plush microfiber or sheepskin wash mitt, Meguiars Car Wash Plus+ is a super safe, and super effective, way to get your paint clean of dirt, road grime, dust, and even light scuff marks – all without the use of wash buckets!

24 oz.

Meguiars Car Wash Plus+

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Meguiars Car Wash Plus+