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Leatherique 32 oz. Kit

Leatherique 32 oz. KitLarger sizes of your favorite Leatherique products!

This kit contains everything you need to properly maintain leather upholstery and accessories on you motorcycle or vehicle. Restore old leather seats or saddlebags with the finest leather restoration products on the market!

32 oz. Rejuvenator Oil
    Massage Oil generously into the leather with your hands, brush, sponge, or spray bottle, and let it be absorbed into the fibers. Its’ unique capillary action forces proteins into the leather and dirt out! Leather will be glove-soft, luxuriously supple, and strong! Prevents cracking, drying, and tearing.

32 oz. Prestine Clean
    Use Leatherique Prestine Clean to clean leather after application of Rejuvenator Oil has done its job or as a maintenance cleaner and detailer. After the ph correct proteins and collagens from the Rejuvenator Oil have permeated back into the pours and fibers of the leather, strengthening and nourishing them, the surface may be tacky, sticky, gritty, or have a white haze. This is simply the dirt, grime, air pollution, perspiration, salts and other toxins that have floated out of the leather to the surface.

A Cobra Microfiber Detailing Towel
    This quality towel can gently get into even microscopic crevices and crannies, lifting away dirt particles and trapping them within the weave. The Cobra Detailing Cloth will pick up all foreign materials off any surface. That is because the microfibers are positively charged, so they attract dirt and dust, which is negatively charged. A technologically advanced lint-free cloth.

A Leather Hand Brush
    Leather is not a smooth surface and a product needs to be agitated into the surface texture. This hand held wood brush is the perfect size. The bristles are soft yet strong enough to scrub and clean sturdy leather.

2 Cobra Terry Cloth Applicator Pads
    Apply each of these products with a separate applicator. Terry Cloth makes the job neater and product application more consistant. These pads can be washed and used again and again.

Kit includes:
32 oz. Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil
32 oz. Leatherique Prestine Clean
Cobra Microfiber Towel
2 Terry Cloth Applicator Pads
Leather hand brush

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