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Leatherique Prestine Clean 16 oz.

Not sure if you'll like it? See what Mike Phillips has to say about it A gentle, silicone-free cleanser for fine leather!

Leatherique Prestine Clean is part of a two-step leather maintenance system. Step one is Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil. This oil nourishes the leather and forces contaminants out of the pores. Prestine Clean then removes these contaminants from the surface of the leather and leaves it with a clean, matte sheen. This is the only leather care system that calls for the conditioner to be used first, and it makes perfect sense! The leather absorbs as much of the oil as it can and expels the rest to the surface, along with all the contamination. Leatherique Prestine Clean then cleans the surface to leave your leather cleaned and conditioned without the sticky film caused by some leather products.

Leatherique Prestine Clean does not contain any harsh chemicals or silicone to dry out fine leather. Instead, it contains a conditioner that gently lifts dirt and oil out of the leather while softening it. It takes care of stains that you may have given up on. Ink, perspiration, dirt, and body oil will all disappear!

Leatherique Prestine Clean works as a maintenance cleaner on leather, vinyl, and rubber. It will not dry out these surfaces or leave a greasy film. Use it to clean and condition leather shoes, luggage, upholstery, furniture, vinyl trim and seats, rubber moldings, and much more!

Leatherique Leather CleanerFor the best results: After the ph correct proteins and collagens from the Rejuvenator Oil have permeated back into the pours and fibers of the leather, strengthening and nourishing them, the surface may be tacky, sticky, gritty, or have a white haze. This is simply the dirt, grime, air pollution, perspiration, salts and other toxins that have floated out of the leather to the surface.

Apply Prestine Clean by hand or with a soft Terry Cloth towel and massage out the dirt. For tough dirt, brush the cleaner into the grain of the leather with a Vinyl & Leather Scrub Brush. Let stand for a few minutes, usually by the time you are done with the next piece, and rinse the surface with a soft, damp terry or mocrofiber towel. Rinse towel or soft cloth in warm, clean water. Then, after all the dirt has been removed, gently buff to a luxurious finish with a clean, dry, Cobra Microfiber Detailing Cloth.

Your leather will appreciate the "face lift" and will have the new leather smell restored. Prestine Clean will not remove the conditioner permeated into the leather. This process may be used on vinyl areas to soften and condition. Even flexibility on rubber window trim can be maintained with Prestine Clean.


Use protective gloves and eyewear.

1. Vacuum the surface of the upholstered piece or interior well or use a soft brush to remove large particles of dirt, paying particular attention to seams, folds, and cracks.

2. Apply the Rejuvenator Oil liberally (about 4 oz. per seat) with your hands, soft sea sponge, or a soft paint type brush. Apply the Rejuvenator Oil more liberally nearer to the stitched areas as the conditioner will be able to migrate laterally well into the hide. Park the car in the sun with the windows rolled up to create a "steam room" for as long as practical, several hours or a day. In cooler weather, or for long-term storage in a garage, cover the seats with plastic wrap, and "warm" with a hair dryer.

3. Apply Prestine Clean by hand or with a soft Terry Cloth towel and massage out any suspended dirt. For tough dirt or vinyl convertible tops, a soft brush may be used. Let stand for a few minutes and rinse the surface with a soft, damp Terry Towel. Rinse Towel in warm, clean water regularly. Then, after all the dirt has been removed, gently buff to a luxurious finish with a clean, dry, Terry Towel.

16 oz.

Leatherique Prestine Clean 16 oz.

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Soft leather
Used conditioner first, about 8 months ago. 8 months ago, I used the cleaner AFTER conditioning (this is in the instructions). From 8 months ago, after every 2-3 mos I use the cleaner ONLY - normally post local trips or after dogs in car. I let it sit for about 30 mins with cleaner and wiping on. I will use a towel with sprayed on distilled water to clean up the cleaner. If not, this will make the seat a little sticky, but softer. I wipe the layer of cleaner bc I don’t like the stickiness, but will leave on the passenger and back seat for a couple days and then wipe off the layer. This has been very successful in keeping my leather soft, supple, and rich in strength. The cleaner makes it very supple and soft all over again, but it is because I use the conditioner 8 months ago and let it sit for hours and hours in 100 degree Cali summer weather. I love love love the results, especially since I have noticed no particular cracking or bends in the leather since buying my car years ago (I’m on my 3rd bottle of all sets after using my older brothers supply he gifted me years ago).
ProsSoft, supple, leather. Leather smell is evident, but not overbearing. LOVE this leatherique set - the best and I?ve tried a couple.
ConsCan be a little laborious, but for good reason. Results worth the pro over con.
Atlanta GA.
Does not preform as advertised.
The product will clean leather but not any better the products that are half the price. I used the product as directed and it did clean it. Their ad said it would leave your car smelling like new leather, not! I left the cleaner for 48 hrs before using the Pristine clean. I did one seat after 4 hours, then left the rest of the leather for the extended test in the indirect sun.

Could not tell any difference. All leather was cleaner, however, there are products that protect and clean at half the price.
ProsEasy to apply. Good direction's. It does not take a hard workout to remove cleaner and conditioner.
ConsPrice and performance do not line up with each other. Does not leave a smelling fresh clean, in my experience.
Temple Pa
Prestine Clean
Quality product always use this because it works!
ProsGreat product.
St. Louis, MO
Pristine Clean
This product does the job after you apply the rejuvenator oil. You need this product to clean the leather after the oil has done its job.
Great Cleaner
Very gentle but very powerful cleaner. I use it on all my interior needs even without the leather rejuvenator. PH neutral which is key.