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Kozak® Auto Dry Wash

Kozak® Auto Dry Wash KozaK DryWash Cloths have been a staple in the auto care industry since 1926. Business was brisk at the R.M. Walker Ford Dealership, in Batavia New York. Back in those days two men had to work all night with a bucket and hose to prepare cars for demonstrations for the following day. Even though business was good, the times were lean...and hiring two men to work all night was an expense. KozaK DryWash Cloths were invented out of simple necessity – to cut out the expense of the car wash. And they worked too. The DryWash Cloths saved 80% of the wet-washing expense; both in time and materials, and it was discovered that the cloths were extremely durable. Further enhancing their cost-effectiveness, each cloth could easily withstand up to 100 cleanings.

The news of KozaK’s amazing DryWash Cloths took the nation by storm! Soon the cloths were carried in over 10,000 Rexall-Liggett drug stores, Firestone Stores, Ford Tractor and Implement dealers, and gas and oil companies also took to selling the cloths. The buzz was incredible; folks simply couldn’t believe that a completely dry cloth could effectively wash a car – without doing any damage to the paint!

Kozak Dry Wash Cloths are still a great way to clean and shine your vehicle between details. Select from two generous sizes: regular 3.8 sq. ft. and super size 4.5 sq. ft. Click on the links below to read more about these amazing cloths!