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Kenotek Brilliant Wash

Removes the dirt without removing your wax

Kenotek Brilliant Wash is a superior car wash that will be able to effectively remove dirt and grime from your carís paint. Kenotek Brilliant Wash was developed using a PH-neutral formula that ensures you donít have to worry about damage to your paint, wax, or hands when you use Kenotek Brilliant Wash. Kenotek Brilliant Wash has a delightful grapefruit scent that will make your maintenance washes a much more enjoyable experience.

Keeping your carís paint looking pristine is not just a one and done process. It takes constant care and maintenance to ensure that your carís paint looks immaculate. Simply driving your car down the road will expose it to dangerous hazards such as bug remains, dirt, road grime, and other contaminants. In order to ensure these contaminants donít build up and eventually destroy your once beautiful paint, you need to wash your vehicle every week. However, it is not just about washing your car frequently, it also matters HOW you are washing your car. If you are using a dangerous shampoo to wash your vehicleís paint, you may as well not wash it at all. Kenotek has you covered on this front with their car shampoo, Kenotek Brilliant Wash.

Kenotek Brilliant Wash is formulated with cleaner agents that not even the toughest grime will be able to stand up against. These cleaner agents work quickly to break up the bond between the dirt, grime, and contaminants and your paintís surface. Kenotek Brilliant Wash loosens all of these effectively, making them easily removable with your wash mitt, sponge, or brush.

While Kenotek Brilliant Wash is strong enough to make quick work of the dangers occupying your carís paint, you donít have to worry about it damaging the paint in the process. Kenotek Brilliant Wash was designed using a PH-neutral formula that is guaranteed to prevent your paint, your wax/sealant, and your hands from drying out or being damaged during the washing process.

Kenotek Brilliant Wash will also make your weekly washes a bit more enjoyable with its ease of use and its pleasant grapefruit scent.


Kenotek Brilliant Wash

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Kenotek Brilliant Wash