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Jescar Tire & Trim Protectant

Bring back the satin glow!

Jescar Tire & Trim Protectant is perfect product to enhance your tires with a dark, rich, satin glow. At the same time, Jescar Tire & Trim Protectant offers protection against contamination and UV rays. Jescar Tire & Trim Protectant makes rubber, plastic and vinyl surfaces look like new again. You can also apply Jescar Tire & Trim Protectant to metal and chrome to protect and restore their appearance as well.

Nothing is worse than seeing a perfectly detailed car, only to look at the wheels and see brown, dirty, old-looking tires. Keep the detailing going, even down to the rubber parts, the tire and trims. It's easy to do with Jescar Tire & Trim Protectant.

Enhance the beauty of your tires with Jescar Tire & Trim Protectant. Jescar Tire & Trim Protectant brings back the original beauty of your tires, that dark, rich, stain glow everyone loves. Not only does it restore the look of your tires, but it also makes other rubber, plastic, vinyl surfaces look like new again. Jescar Tire & Trim Protectant can also be applied to metal parts like wheels and chrome trim to protect and restore their appearance as well. This protective sealant also water repelling, so you don't have to worry as much about contaminants sticking around.

When applying to porous surfaces, like tires and trim, apply and let dry without buffing away. If you would like additional gloss, wait 20 minutes and apply a second coat. On the harder surfaces like wheels and chrome, let the product dry for two minutes and then buff away with a clean, dry, microfiber towel.

-Shake well!
-Clean the surface and dry completely before use.
-Apply a small amount of product onto a foam applicator and apply to desired areas.

16 oz.

Jescar Tire & Trim Protectant

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Jescar Tire & Trim Protectant