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GYEON Q2R Marine Wash

GYEON Q2R Marine Wash

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Capable of handling the tough job of cleaning off ocean contamination!

GYEON Q2R Wash was designed specifically to tackle the tough and dangerous contaminants and messes that often accompany all marine vehicles. GYEON Q2R Wash will be able to make quick work of substances such as dirt, salt residue, and light organic contamination. GYEON Q2R Wash is a very slick shampoo that will provide enough lubrication to ensure that you do not accidently scratch the surface of your boat during the washing process. You can use GYEON Q2R Wash on all exterior surfaces of your boat, even your wooden surfaces!

While your boat probably spends the majority of its life floating in the water, that water is not doing a very good job of cleaning off the surfaces of your boat. In fact, it is doing just the opposite! The water in oceans and lake are absolutely riddled with various minerals, contaminants, dirts, and other harmful hazards that will slowly but surely eat away at your boat’s surfaces! This is why it is crucial that you wash your boat regularly with an effective shampoo like GYEON Q2R Wash!

GYEON Q2R Wash was formulated with special cleaner agents that work to easily and effectively break-down and loosen a large variety of harmful substances that will find their way onto your boat’s delicate surfaces. Hazards such as dirt, salt, and other organic contaminants will be loosened from the surface and made easy to remove with the use of a quality wash mitt or wash brush.

While gel coat is designed to be extremely tough to stand up to the abuse that it faces, it is still at risk of washing scratches. On top of that, the other surfaces of your boat like the wood, the plastic, and the trim are not designed to be nearly as tough, so they are at an even large risk! GYEON Q2R Wash was designed to combat this by being able to adequately lubricate the surface of your boat during the washing process. These lubricants will act as a buffer and reduce friction of the surface, making washing scratches much less likely!

It is true that your gel-coated surfaces are the ones that will need a good washing the most, but that doesn’t mean that all the other surfaces can be neglected! Thankfully, GYEON Q2R Wash can also be used to clean every exterior surface on your boat! Yes, even your wood!

1000 mL

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GYEON Q2R Marine Wash