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GYEON Q2M Bathe + Plus - 1 Liter

A car wash shampoo with SiO2 in the formula!

GYEON Q2M Bathe + Plus is a quick an easy way to add a hydrophobic layer to your vehicle. This unique car wash shampoo can be used on cars with or without a preexisting SiO2 coating. Those with a coating will experience an increase in shine and hydrophobic properties, while those without coatings will experience self-cleaning hydrophobic properties as well. GYEON Q2M Bathe + Plus is unlike any car wash formula you’ve ever used, and you’ll be amazed after every wash!

Everyone needs a go-to car wash formula. Routine car washes are simply a fact of car ownership. Even if your vehicle has been treated with an SiO2 coating, you’ll still need to break out the wash buckets every now and again. And if your vehicle hasn’t been coated, you’d probably enjoy a taste of that self-cleaning effect to keep those wash buckets in the garage for longer in between uses! GYEON Q2M Bathe + Plus is the perfect car wash formula for your routine car wash needs.

GYEON Q2M Bathe + Plus has everything that a standard car wash formula does plus! You get ample suds and lubrication, a formula that’s safe to use on your entire vehicle including trim and glass, plus, you get the self-cleaning properties of a hydrophobic layer. GYEON Q2M Bathe + Plus leaves a layer that repels dirt, grime, fingerprints, and water prolonging the time between routine washes. When it is time to wash again, you’ll find it easier since dirt and grime will be less able to stick to the surface!

1000 ml. (1 Liter)

GYEON Q2M Bathe + Plus - 1 Liter

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GYEON Q2M Bathe + Plus - 1 Liter