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GYEON Q2M Bathe + Plus - 1 Liter

A car wash shampoo with SiO2 in the formula!

GYEON Q2M Bathe + Plus is a quick an easy way to add a hydrophobic layer to your vehicle. This unique car wash shampoo can be used on cars with or without a preexisting SiO2 coating. Those with a coating will experience an increase in shine and hydrophobic properties, while those without coatings will experience self-cleaning hydrophobic properties as well. GYEON Q2M Bathe + Plus is unlike any car wash formula you’ve ever used, and you’ll be amazed after every wash!

Everyone needs a go-to car wash formula. Routine car washes are simply a fact of car ownership. Even if your vehicle has been treated with an SiO2 coating, you’ll still need to break out the wash buckets every now and again. And if your vehicle hasn’t been coated, you’d probably enjoy a taste of that self-cleaning effect to keep those wash buckets in the garage for longer in between uses! GYEON Q2M Bathe + Plus is the perfect car wash formula for your routine car wash needs.

GYEON Q2M Bathe + Plus has everything that a standard car wash formula does plus! You get ample suds and lubrication, a formula that’s safe to use on your entire vehicle including trim and glass, plus, you get the self-cleaning properties of a hydrophobic layer. GYEON Q2M Bathe + Plus leaves a layer that repels dirt, grime, fingerprints, and water prolonging the time between routine washes. When it is time to wash again, you’ll find it easier since dirt and grime will be less able to stick to the surface!

1000 ml. (1 Liter)

GYEON Q2M Bathe + Plus - 1 Liter

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Easy to use...good results as stated
Great Product When you Learn How To Use It
This is one of the best "Wash and Coat" car shampoos that I have used. It Does not produce a lot of foam, but that is okay as foam doesn't clean cars. Its the attractants within the formula that lift the dirt off the car to be safely picked up by the wash mitt. Not recommended for direct sun use as the product with dry and produce high spots on all surfaces that are tricky to get out while not inflicting damage to the paint. If you are a guy/gal that enjoys keeping a clean car while also enjoying ridiculous beading in between maintenance washes, this is the product for you.
ProsExtremely hydrophobic All in One wash and protect Slickness increase
ConsDifficult to use properly at first
Not what i expected
I purchased this to maintain/boost my CQuartz coated vehicles. Used at the instructed dilution ratio. The soap initially foams up well, but that foam goes away pretty fast.

Wash wise, my cars are pretty clean as i stick to weekly washes weather permitting. I found this soap to be much less effective than Duragloss 902 , my normal goto soap. Bathe + is almost like washing with just water. It is neither as slick to me nor is it helping release dirt on the vehicles as 902. I realized that a lot more sticky stuff was left on the vehicle as i inspected during the drying process vs 902.

What the car soap does definitely do is leave it hydrophobic. It amplified the existing coating and beading and it readily apparent during the next rainstorm.

Now what was an unexpected but welcomed benefit was that a Bathe+ reduced to almost completely eliminated the annoying windshield chatter i have in one vehicle. I suspect that the Bathe+ solution gets on the windshield and wipers in a positive way.
ProsLeaves hydrophobic surface Reduced / Eliminated windshield wiper chatter
ConsPricey Lacks enough lubricity Not effective on even slightly dirty.
San Antonio, Tx
Stick with traditional Bathe
I received this product by mistake. I had ordered bathe but received the plus version. Decided to keep it to give it a try. I added 20ml to two gallons of waterThis product does not produce thick foam like original bathe. I recommend sticking with the plain bathe and using cure during the drying stage. I feel it produces a better final product on a coated car.