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> > > Griot's Garage Surface Wash 128 oz.

Griot's Garage Surface Wash 128 oz.

The quickest, easiest maintenance wash!

Griot's Garage Surface Wash will loosen and lift existing contaminants off your paint. The Ph-neutral formula of Griot's Garage Surface Wash will make sure that your existing protection product is not chemically stripped from the paint during the washing process. Griot's Garage Surface Wash uses a dual-layer foaming formula that will increase dwell time and give the product more time to clean the surface. The primary foam layer cling to the surface, working to loosen road film and organic contaminants. While the secondary foam lifts the abrasives and contaminants from the paint and gently carries them to the ground.

If you are someone who takes care of their car's paint and goes through the trouble of applying protection product to their paint, the last thing you want is to have to re-do the who process every week. Cleaning solutions that are able to effectively clean the surface of your paint without removing the existing protection product are few and far between. Griot's Garage Surface Wash is formulated using pH-neutral cleaners that will not affect your existing wax or sealant, saving you the inconvenience of reapplying your paint protection after every wash.

Griot's Garage Surface Wash produces two layers of foam, both of which perform unique and separate functions that aid in an effective cleaning process. The primary foam is thick and clings to the surface of your paint and carries a long dwell time. While it is resting on your paint, this thick layer of foam softens all road film and organic contaminants and gently lifts them from your paint surface. The second layer of foam entraps the abrasives and safely carries them with it as gravity pulls it to the ground.
Griot's Garage Surface Wash Was designed to be used with THE BOSS Foam Cannon to achieve optimal results, but can be used effectively with any foam gun or foam cannon.

128 oz.

Griot's Garage Surface Wash 128 oz.

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Canton, OH
Good product
This works best for me so far in my foam cannon.