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Griots Garage BOSS Correcting Cream 128 oz.

Griots Garage BOSS Correcting Cream 128 oz.Use with BOSS System Microfiber or Foam pads for a swirl-free finish.

Griotís Garage Correcting Cream of the BOSS System is designed to remove moderate paint defects, while still finishing with a wax-ready finish. Manufactured with sub-micron abrasives, this advanced formula not only removes defects, but also adds a depth and clarity to your paint previously found only in last-step products.

When youíre looking to remove some moderate swirls in your paintís finish, but donít want to go as heavy as a compounding product, Griotís Garage Correcting Cream is exactly what you are looking for. It will remove moderate to light swirls and leave you with a clear finish that is ready for waxing. This high-lubricity formula allows for extending buffing sessions and ensures you get through the defect-removal process in a shorter amount of time.

Too often youíll use a product that looks like it has finished perfectly, only to realize thatís not the case after the first wash. These products contain ďfillersĒ which fill in the swirl marks and defects instead of actually removing them. Griotís Garage Correcting Cream contains no fillers or silicones, so what you see when youíre finished with a panel is what you get! There wonít be any ugly surprises after the first wash or when your car has been exposed to bright lights.

Griotís Garage Correcting Cream is recommended for use with the BOSS System Orange Foam Correcting Pad, but can be used with the White Foam FAST Correcting Pad for increased defect removal.

128 oz.


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