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2 Pack Flitz Super Mini Bff Ball 2 inches

2 Pack Flitz Super Mini Bff Ball 2 inchesBuff small or recessed areas with greater ease!

The Flitz Super Mini Bff Ball goes where most polishing tools cant with its compact polishing head and 8 inch extension shaft. Use the Super Mini Bff Ball to buff motorcycle components, spokes, engines and more. It buffs tight areas to a bright shine quickly and easily.

The Flitz Super Mini Bff Ball buffs away polishes and waxes with incredible speed. The Italian Viscose tabs gently whisk away wax or polish haze from even the most recessed areas of your vehicle, motorcycle, boat, or RV.

Viscose is a tough material that does not shed lint and resists tearing. If you accidentally buff over a sharp edge, the ball will not rip like foam pads can. The Flitz Super Mini Bff Ball will not overheat or cake up with product. The viscose is cut into multiple tabs of different lengths, which increases the balls surface area and its ability to buff away a lot of products before it ever needs washing.

The Flitz Super Mini Bff Ball works on ALL surfaces - metal, plastics, Eisenglass, Plexiglas, painted surfaces, and more. The ball glides over textured surfaces without catching or tearing. Use it on large smooth surfaces to buff away wax faster than you can by hand. The round ball fits into concave areas and buffs over contours easily.

The built-in, patented 8 inch shaft gives the Flitz Super Mini Bff Ball its long reach. The shaft is covered in a soft plastic sleeve that will not scratch any surface.

The Flitz Super Mini Bff Ball attaches to any standard 3/8 or 1/2" electric drill or air tool. (tools not included.) The ball can be machine washed with your regular detergent or Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator. Air dry.

To use the Flitz Super Mini Bff Ball, attach it to your drill or air tool. Apply your favorite wax or polish to the desired surface. You can use the ball to work the polish into the surface, and then buff it off with a microfiber towel. Or you can apply the product by hand and buff away the residue with the Flitz ball. The ball works well as a polisher or as a buffing tool. Work at a speed of 2000 RPM to get the best results. Avoid buffing in the same spot for more than 30 seconds and avoid sharp edges to ensure long-term performance.

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