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Flitz Mini ScuffPads 6 Pack, 1500 Grit

Flitz Mini ScuffPads 6 Pack, 1500 GritScuff severely scratched surfaces for easier polishing with a Flitz Buff Ball.

The Flitz Mini ScuffPad is included with the Flitz Headlight Restoration Kit. Now you can buy a 6 pack to use for any polishing process. This 1500 fine grit textured pad scuffs up scratched surfaces so scratch removal is easier with one of the Flitz Buff Balls. Use the Flitz Mini ScuffPad at the start of any Flitz restoration process.

The Flitz Mini ScuffPad is made of resin-coated nonwoven abrasives in cut fiber strands. The flexible, durable sanding pads are perfect for contoured surfaces. Use the pads wet or dry.

The Flitz Mini ScuffPad is the equivalent to 1500 grit sandpaper. On scratched headlight lenses, plastics, wood, composite, and metal, the Mini ScuffPad sands down the scratched surface to create a more uniform surface. When you begin polishing, the entire surface is being leveled at the same rate. The results are uniform and smooth.

To use the Flitz Mini ScuffPad, moisten it with water and wipe it back and forth over the surface. Rinse the surface and dry it. Then proceed with Flitz Polish and a Flitz Buff Ball.

The Flitz Mini ScuffPad can be used on hard plastics, wood, composite, and metal. Use it before polishing to get smoother, more uniform results.

2 3/8" x 4 1/2"
6 pads per package


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