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Wolfgang Uber Swirl Remover Kit ft. FLEX XC3401

Not too hard, not too soft – this kit is just right for moderate swirl removal.

The FLEX XC3401 Wolfgang Uber Swirl Remover Kit is designed to tackle moderate swirl marks and scratches to leave your vehicle looking flawless. This kit is neither too aggressive nor too mild. It gives you just the right balance of leveling ability and finesse to remove imperfections and polish the paint to a brilliant shine using the FLEX XC3401 VRG Orbital Polisher.

The FLEX XC3401 Wolfgang Uber Swirl Remover Kit is for paint that is showing the signs of age, but is still in overall good shape. If your vehicle is 3-5 years old, it likely falls into this category. If you see noticeable swirls and fine scratches, water spots, and mild oxidation, use the FLEX XC3401 Wolfgang Uber Swirl Remover Kit to polish a few years off your vehicle.

The FLEX XC3401 Wolfgang Uber Swirl Remover Kit includes:

FLEX XC3401 VRG Orbital Polisher Variable Speed Polisher
The orbital rotation of the FLEX Polisher simulates the circular movement of the human hand while polishing. This motion is less likely to cause holograms than a rotary buffer. At the same time, the polisher's highly smooth running facilitates a careful, precise finish and allows for hologram-free polishing. The positive drive ensures a uniform movement, even under load, thanks to constant lift. Taken in conjunction with the large stroke length the FLEX can remove existing holograms from black finishes. The large stroke length refers to the size of the orbit. On many dual action polishers, this is a very small distance and therefore you feel a jiggling motion. On the FLEX polisher, the stroke length is 8 mm, a huge distance in terms of orbital polishers! The FLEX Dual-Action Polisher has a true dual action motion that reduces vibration. The FLEX Orbital Polisher’s smooth acceleration and uniform, controlled motion make this DA machine ideal for novices and pros alike. The FLEX XC3401 dual action polisher comes with a 5.5 Inch Hook & Loop Backing Plate and a 1 year manufacturer warranty.


8 oz. Wolfgang Uber Compound 3.0
Wolfgang Uber Compound is a heavy-cut compound that is designed to restore the gloss and color to all paint systems without creating unsightly swirls or compounding haze. Formulated using an advanced blend of micro and diminishing abrasives, Wolfgang Uber Compound effortlessly removes heavy swirl marks, oxidation, water spots, and etchings from bird droppings without dulling the finish or creating new swirl marks. You control the aggressiveness of the compound by your pad selection.


8 oz. Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover 3.0
Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover 3.0 is an all-in-one swirl remover that finishes like a polish. Remove 2000 grit sanding scratches, oxidation, and swirls - all with one polish. Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover 3.0 is made entirely in Germany, a country known for producing the best polishing compounds available. It meets all our criteria for a perfect polish and we guarantee it will exceed your expectations.
8 oz. Wolfgang Finishing Glaze 3.0
Wolfgang Finishing Glaze 3.0 is a special gloss enhancing glaze and finishing polish that restores the maximum shine to automotive paint after compounding. Use Wolfgang Finishing Glaze 3.0 on dull paint to revive the deep color and intense shine. Your detail isn't finished until you use Wolfgang Finishing Glaze 3.0.
6.5 inch Lake Country Force Hybrid Orange Cutting Pad
This light cutting pad features super dense construction which enables it to remove defects quickly without compressing, like softer pads can. This pad will remove light to moderate paint imperfections like swirls, scratches, and light marring.


6.5 inch Lake Country Force Hybrid White Polishing Pad
The white Force Hybrid pad features very dense foam. Use this pad to remove light imperfections, apply a light polish, cleaner wax, and any jobs for which you'd use the standard Lake Country white polishing pad.


6.5 inch Lake Country Force Hybrid Red Waxing Pad
This soft, Force Hybrid foam is ideal for applying the final coat of wax or sealant. The foam works especially well when applying liquid waxes or sealants because it is firm enough to keep the majority of the product on the paint, rather than soaking it up.
6 Pack Cobra Sky Blue Edgeless Polishing Cloth
The Sky-Blue Microfiber Polishing Cloth is woven specifically for wax and polish removal. It has a soft touch that is extra gentle on sensitive clear coat finishes. Plus, the cloth has no edges, making accidental scratches virtually impossible. Use this cloth the next time you wax your vehicle and I promise you’ll never use anything else.


For moderate imperfections and swirls, choose the FLEX XC3401 Wolfgang Uber Swirl Remover Kit. Sophisticated swirl removers and a user-friendly polisher will restore your vehicle’s shine.

FLEX XC3401 Wolfgang Uber Swirl Remover Kit includes:
FLEX XC3401 VRG Orbital Polisher
8 oz. Wolfgang Uber Compound 3.0
8 oz. Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover 3.0
8 oz. Wolfgang Finishing Glaze 3.0
6.5 inch Lake Country Force Hybrid Orange Cutting Pad
6.5 inch Lake Country Force Hybrid White Polishing Pad
6.5 inch Lake Country Force Hybrid Red Waxing Pad
6 Pack 16x16” Sky Blue Edgeless Polishing Cloth

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Upgrade to the
FLEX XC3401 VRG Heavy-Duty!
FLEX XC3401 Polisher

The HD model has an all rubber, 25 foot power cord hardwired into the polisher. The longer cord is more convenient than an extension cord and it is gauged to deliver maximum power to the polisher for safe, efficient operation. (Standard cord is 9 ft.)

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Wolfgang Uber Swirl Remover Kit ft. FLEX XC3401

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joshua tree CA.
you get what you paid for.
this is the best . easy to work and hold. its a workhorse
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Great product.
I had both of my vehicles in mind when I purchased the flex XC3401, my matador red mica Lexus IS350 and my black Toyota Tacoma. The paint on both vehicles is in good condition just some small scratches here and there I wanted to see if I could obtain a swirl scratch free shine using the xc3401 with the McKees's product and that's exactly what it produced. Both vehicles look far better than they did when they rolled off the lot my expectations were met and exceeded which it seems now days that rarely happens. The time it took reading Mike Phillips guide was well worth it when seeing the end result. Was it a lot of work? Of course but I loved every minute of it. Thank you auto geek for bundling great products along with fantastic information on how to use them to produce stellar results!
The real deal!
I orderd this kit about a month ago and I was floored by the results. The first time I used it, I kept bugging my wife to come see the results. My clients car had severe swirls and hard water through out the suface paint/glass, and presto GONE! Great investment,and I'm seriously considering buying a second kit.