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Duragloss Marine RV Polish #503

Clean, shine and protect fiberglass surfaces on your boat or recreational vehicle with Duragloss Marine & RV Polish.

Duragloss Marine & RV Polish #503 is a UV resistant, sunscreen formula designed to clean, polish and protect the fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces of boats and RVs. These surfaces are exposed to the elements and require regular care to prevent fading and oxidation, just like your car’s finish.

Boats and RVs are fiberglass and have a gelcoat finish. Gelcoat is similar to clear coat, but harder in order to stand up to salt water and abrasion. Even though gelcoated fiberglass is a very tough material, it requires the same care as a clear coat to keep it looking its best. Duragloss Marine RV Polish #503 is a one-step polish and protectant that makes gelcoat maintenance faster and easier on these large surfaces.

If you have a large RV, camper, or boat, you know how much surface area is gelcoated! It could take you hours to complete a multi-step routine of polishing, then waxing. Duragloss Marine RV Polish cuts maintenance down to one simple step and you get the same excellent results as a two-step process!

Duragloss Marine & RV Polish #503 safely removes oxidation, gas and oil film, tar and road film without harming the paint finish or gelcoat. As an added benefit, Marine & RV Polish #503 reduces algae and mildew growth. Once applied, it forms a durable, protective shield that bonds to the surface that lasts wash after wash!

In addition to cleaning and shining, Marine & RV Polish #503 also protects! Once a protective coat of Marine and RV Polish is applied, maintenance of fiberglass is much easier! Gas and oil film, road film, algae and mildew are easily removed by washing with soap and water.

Wash and dry your boat or RV first, before applying Duragloss Marine & RV Polish #503. Shake well before using. Apply by hand or with a dual-action machine polisher, such as the Porter Cable 7424 XP. Use a foam polishing pad and apply a thin, even coat over the fiberglass surface. Marine & RV Polish can be applied in sun or shade and to the entire surface before removing. Allow the product to dry to a haze and remove residue with Cobra Microfiber Towel.

For fast clean-up between washes, use Duragloss 521 Marine & R/V Quik Detailer. It cleans, shines and restores slickness and gloss without scratching or removing the protective finish.

Boat and RV maintenance is simply easier when you use Duragloss Marine & RV Polish #503. It saves you time on boat and RV maintenance so you can spend more time on the water or the open road!

Duragloss Marine & RV Polish #503 is a gallon sized refill of Duragloss #501.

128 oz.

Duragloss Marine RV Polish #503

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Duragloss Marine RV Polish #503