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Duragloss Aquawax (AW) #951

Enhanced gloss and an incredible “wet look”!

Duragloss Aquawax is formulated to wax after washing in one easy step. Duragloss AW produces a high gloss, durable finish with minimal effort. Aquawax contains no abrasives and is clear coat safe.

This is Duragloss’ most popular product! Duragloss Aquawax produces a deep, wet gloss on clean paint. On an already waxed finish, Aquawax deepens the reflection, enhances the shine and increases slickness. This is a synthetic sealant spray with the gloss of a wax.

Though Duragloss Aquawax is designed for a post-wash touch-up, it makes an incredible topper over any of Duragloss’ polishes: Polish and Cleaner #101, Clear Coat Polish #111, and Total Performance Polish #105. These are all essentially paint sealants. After they’ve had adequate time to cure, spray on Aquawax and buff to a dramatic gloss.

Use Duragloss Aquawax any time to enhance gloss. As a maintenance wax, it applies an extra layer of protection and enhances the gloss of the existing paint protection. We recommend using a plush Cobra Deluxe Jr. Microfiber Towel to buff off Aquawax.

Since Duragloss Aquawax is a polymer sealant, it has good durability in its own right, but it will last longest when used as a topper. Plus, Aquawax will increase the lifespan of your existing paint protection.

Enjoy incredible depth and gloss in a convenient spray-on formula with Duragloss Aquawax #951.

22 oz. trigger spray

Duragloss Aquawax (AW) #951

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By Kuya 1
Sierra Vista, Arizona
October 9, 2016
Easy On-Easy Off
This product gives you a shine that is very easy to see in no time. The shine is so deep, looks like you can jump in it.
ProsEasy on-Easy off
By RippyD
Portland, OR
September 25, 2016
This is it...
This is the stuff I keep coming back to. There are a ton of good spray waxes. This stuff is inexpensive and works great. It's almost silly how easy it is to use and how good it makes the paint look. My neighbors keep asking me why my cars always look so good. Yeah, this is the reason. Note that a little goes a long way. It can get a little streaky if you over apply. Just a couple of wipes will take care of the streaks. It seems to last a while. I seem to apply every couple of weeks at the most. This has to be one of my top 5 car products.
By Joe
Mchenry, IL
June 30, 2016
Love the price and the shine
You can pay more but why would you? Buy this and two sprays per panel is all you need as your are drying down a wet car or you can use it on a dry car. Works great and I will be buying this for a long long time!
Prosprice application is so easy
Conslongevity- probably doesn't last more than a few days but I wash often.
By Rena
Greensboro, NC
June 1, 2016
Nothing better
Straight up glossy lol. Rain just rolls right off.
ProsPrice Awesome and works
By Tom C
Montgomery, Texas
August 17, 2014
Used it as a deep shine after waxing
I used Collinite Liquid Insulator wax #845 and then used the Aqua wax to add to the finish. Made it Pop out at you with a deep deep shine. Used in on a pearl white 2015 Yukon Denali.
By Norm
July 30, 2014
Again, meh......
Touted as the best of the best, kind of. I don't see any difference compared to other name brand coatings of similar duty. They're pretty much made out of the same polymers and other ingredients, except they smell different.
ProsIt's OK.
ConsNothing bad to say, works like the others.
East Coast
July 24, 2014
Great Results With Some Effort
Read and followed instruction with great results. Use product in cool conditions and small areas. Doesn't wipe off as easy as some spray waxes, but results are worth the extra effort. Very glossy finish.
ProsVery Glossy.
ConsDoesn't smell as good as some spray waxes.
July 15, 2014
Love it
I use after a full wash or a rinseless. This stuff works great, leaves a nice shine after.
By William Jackson
NW Florida panhandle
June 7, 2014
Very easy to apply and buff. No smearing or smudging.
ProsEasy to use Inexpensive
Newport Beach, CA
May 16, 2014
Just another quality addition to a great QD and Spray wax. Great price too
By Greg
Los Angeles, California
April 18, 2014
I like it...
I like this spray wax. I've used Poorboy's, Wolfgang, and Mothers spray waxes and it works really well. It does not streak and leaves the paint feeling silky smooth. I use Wolfgang sealant once a month and this spray after every wash. It would be hard to beat for the price.
By peter hurcos
United States
February 21, 2014
Almost an "automatic" to have for your car
Pros: Fair price. Very easy to use. Very shiny, in an acrylicy, plasticky bar-top kind of way---I just love it. Supposedly has UV protection. Cons: Seems to mysteriously take a few hours for the shine to max out. Is it a matter of cure time? heat? exposure to UV? I don't know. Not particularly durable (I don't want it to be). Sometimes i think it attracts dust. I don't bother with fancy waxes as last step products anymore. This is just as good and a hundred times easier. to use. During the winter, that heavy duty sealant/wax I applied in November hangs in there in terms of offering protection, but gradually goes dull. This brings it right back until the next wash.Is it durable? I doubt it. I don't want it to be. All it has to do is last anywhere from a week to three weeks. and completely come off when I wash it. Don't use too much or it will streak. Keep your expectations in check. There's a limit to what a few spritzes from a spray bottle can do. But it does it very well.
By dcjredline
November 19, 2013
I highly recommend aquawax to all. I use it as a wax as you dry type product. Spray once per panel and wipe with your WW towel, dries awesome and protects will. Also smells good!
By bob h
October 8, 2013
deep dark wet shine
after letting dura gloss sealant clear coat polish to cure or any sealant I have used this with 8or9 different sealants this is not the watered down spray polymers this does add to or bring back the shine and slick feeling no streakingmuch better than wolfgang which used to be a favorate of mine.
By Jay
October 28, 2012
Best I've tried...
Part of my job is refinishing h/l lenses for various dealers including Mercedes. Often, I will use Aquawax on a finished car to really set it off. before delivery. Between the like new lenses and beautiful shine, compliments (and guaranteed future work) I feel great about the results. The few minutes and minimal cost are well worth the effort. The cars I work on often come directly from the detail shop and they still look better than when I got them. I use this on my 05 red dodge Ram after every wash and even dealers think it is almost new. This is a great detailed and I highly recommend it for everyone. 5 stars.
May 21, 2012
High Gloss shine
I've been a user of Meguiar's products for many years and have always enjoyed the ease in using their line. I have a 2011 Race Red F150 that I use as a DD. I decided to find out what all the talk was about. So, I placed an order for a few DG products. One of these being AquaWax (AW). I washed the truck which was fully detailed last month, and dried with MF towels in my usual fashion. I then set out to use my new bottle of AW. It went on easily with an MF Mitt and was removed just as easily. I have used Meg's Ultimate Quick Wax (UQW) and Gold Class Carnauba +Quick Wax (GCC+QW) recently and prefer the depth of the GCC+QW. The AW shine was great, almost acrylic in nature. Definitely no depth to the paint compared to the GCC+QW. I also tried the AW on my 1994 Oxford White F150. The AW look's much better on the white compared to the Race Red. I am happy overall with the AW. Only time will tell how durable it will be in the rainy and humid summer weather. JW
By Corey
November 16, 2011
Awesome product!!
Excellent price, ease of use, gloss, slickness. Buy it! Check out my full review on the forum.
By Sal
November 10, 2011
A must have
Aquawax leaves a slick shiny finish. I like to use it as a drying aid and to help boost the longetivity of my sealant
By david
May 18, 2011
the best
one of the best products after a wash. just spray on a wet surface, then dry. leaves a brillant finish.
By Terry Duffy
March 1, 2011
Hi, I had heard so much about how good this was but when I used it I was disappointed. Meguars Touch Up is much better in my eyes. This is still a good product but I think over rated.
By Keith
October 17, 2010
Great topper for sealants. If you want metallics to pop, look no farther. Adds to durability of DG 601/105 combo. Also plays well with other sealants & nubas. Them Bailey brothers didn't go to school just to eat lunch. They got it right with a superior quality line at rock bottom prices.
By Tony P.
October 6, 2008
excellent product...
Bought this product about a month ago, was waiting to give my review. I will never be without this product for the remainder of my life. Owning a black F-150, the sheer size of the vehicle makes it harder to take care of. In New Jersey, the air is full of dust, etc. Aquawax leaves no streaks, & keep the truck clean. Dirt just wipes off quick with a microfiber towel. The guy who sold me the truck recommended this product, & I found Autogeek because of it. I guess I have to buy another car off him...
By Joe G.
October 30, 2007
The BEST spray sealant
This stuff is just awesome! I use it to maintain the slickness and shine on my car between waxing, and it does a fabulous job. It is so easy to use, you can even use it while drying with excellent results. Leaves a wet looking, slick surface behind, with good durability for a spray. I also use it on glass to repel water, and on wheels. It is truly a great product. And like all duragloss products, an exceptional value. Joe G. New Jersey
By AL417
May 30, 2007
Just Awesome
This wax is so affordable and so good you can't afford to be without it. Leavesgood protectioin along with great looks. For some reason it always looks even better a day after it's applied.
By Justin - part time detailer full time enthusiast
April 25, 2007
Why didnt i get this sooner
When i got a bottle of this stuff I knew it would be a staple in my detailing products...something that is involved in every detail i do...super easy to apply and gives amazing results...wish i knew about this product sooner...
By budman3
April 23, 2007
A great quick wax. Super easy to use. It can be used after every wash to keep that just detailed look and to keep up with durability. Great product.
By Mike T
April 22, 2007
Needed by the gallon
I'm speechless when it comes to this stuff. Easy on/off. The finish it leaves it stunning. It holds of against the Florida rain quiet well. I have to stock up on this stuff before Hurricane season gets here.
By barry wilson
April 12, 2007
aquawax is da bomb
this stuff is so cool spray it on wipe it off. da bomb!
By Lauren T.
April 2, 2007
AW is great
This is a very, very nice product for the money. Easy to use, non-streaking, and adds gloss to your car btwn waxes. I would not be without it!
By Tyler
October 21, 2006
Excellent product
Go to carquest stores get this over the counter you will love it they should have it there or able to get it to you the next afternoon!!! no shipping charges either