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Dr. Beasley's Metal Coat

Dr. Beasley's Metal Coat

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Coat your metal for instant protection!

Dr. Beasley's Metal Coat is a VOC free formula that will protect your metal surfaces from staining and etching. Perfect for use on everything from stainless steel wheels and trim pieces to chrome and aluminum emblems, Dr. Beasley's Metal Coat creates an instant bond with the treated surface, needs no cure time, and creates a high surface tension for increased water beading capabilities. Keep your metal shining and protected with Dr. Beasley's Metal Coat!

Early car manufacturers had a good thing going with all of the chrome and metal pieces designed onto their cars. Nothing creates a head-turning reaction quite like high shining metal pieces. Unfortunately, those same pieces that we love so much to admire also take a lot of maintenance.

Metal, chrome, and stainless steel appliances and accent pieces are prone to water spotting, staining from bleach, oxidation, and dulling over time. To keep your metal looking it's best, simply coat it! Dr. Beasley's Metal Coat creates an instant bond with your metal surfaces keeping them protected against these damaging culprits while maintaining a high shine.

Dr. Beasley's Metal Coat is super-hydrophobic to prevent water drying on the metal surface and creating water spots or etching - water simply rolls right off! And if something does adhere to the surface? Metal coated with Dr. Beasley's Metal Coat will be easier to clean and bring back to perfection.

Formulated to be VOC free, Dr. Beasley's Metal Coat does not give off a strong or harsh chemical smell, and is safe to use on not only your car, but also inside your home! Give your stainless steel and metal appliances a new lease on life with Dr. Beasley's Metal Coat!

Directions for use:
  • The surface to be coated with Dr. Beasley's Metal Coat must be fully cleaned and dried before application begins.
  • Focusing on a small section at a time, apply Metal Coat to a foam applicator and spread evenly across the surface; be sure to maintain even coverage.
  • Once the entire area has been covered, use a clean and dry microfiber towel to remove excess product. Dr. Beasley's Metal Coat requires no curing time and will start to protect your metal surfaces instantly!

8 oz.

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Dr. Beasley's Metal Coat