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Dr. Beasley's Glass IQ

Dr. Beasley's Glass IQA clean and protect formula for your glass!

Dr. Beasley's Glass IQ is more than just your average glass cleaner. This advanced formula will safely remove dirt, dust, smudges and other glass contaminants quickly, AND will leave a hydrophobic layer of protection behind. Safe for use on all glass (Dr. Beasley's Glass IQ is 100% VOC compliant and does not contain alcohol or ammonia, making it safe for use on tinted windows), cell phone screens, LCD and plasma screen TV's and navigation systems and laptops, Dr. Beasley's Glass IQ is smarter than your average glass cleaner!

We all know that clear glass not only looks best, but it also the safest. Up until Dr. Beasley's Glass IQ, clean and protected glass meant using a two-step system, one for cleaning, and one for applying a glass coating or sealant. But, with the easy spray-and-wipe application of Glass IQ, having clean and protected glass has never been easier!
Dr. Beasley's Glass IQ is safe for use on exterior, even tinted, glass as well as interior LCD Navigation screens!
Dr. Beasley's Glass IQ does more than just remove those smudges from your glass - it will actually leave a layer of protection behind to make those treated glass surfaces smudge-resistant. The extreme hydrophobicity that makes the water bead up immediately on your glass, also protects against any future glass-impairing assaults.

Dr. Beasley's Glass IQ is environmentally friendly and 100% VOC free - you won't have to worry about exposure to hazardous fumes during use! No harsh smell of alcohol or ammonia is left behind, and you can safely use Dr. Beasley's Glass IQ in your vehicle and home. Rest assured knowing you are using the safest glass cleaner and glass protectant with Dr. Beasley's Glass IQ.

Directions for use:
  • Spray Dr. Beasley's Glass IQ directly onto the glass surface being treated.
  • Using a clean and dry microfiber towel, wipe product off and buff away any excess product.
  • Dr. Beasley's Glass IQ can be reapplied every 6 months.
4 oz.


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