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McKee's 37 Tire Coating Kit

A complete kit to coat your tires with the longest lasting protection!

The McKee's 37 Tire Coating Kit is the easiest way to apply McKee's 37 Tire Coating to your tires because it includes EVERYTHING you need for proper application. McKee's 37 Tire Coating is a semi-permanent, resin-based coating that forms a durable, flexible shell of protection on your tires. In order for the tire coating to properly bond, the surface MUST be properly cleaned using the specialized tire cleaner and brushes in this kit. Purchasing the McKee's 37 Tire Coating Kit saves you money and ensures success.

The McKee's 37 Tire Coating Kit includes:

McKee's 37 Tire Coating 4 oz. McKee's 37 Tire Coating
McKee's 37 Tire Coating is an acrylic-based resin that forms a flexible, chemical-resistant coating on your tires. Engineered to outlast and outperform conventional oil and water-based tire dressings, McKee's 37 Tire Coating will not wash or sling off and will not turn tires brown. A single application of McKee's 37 Tire Coating will provide several months of protection, even in extreme climates. McKee's 37 Tire Coating dries to the touch – it even passes the “white glove” test!
McKee's 37 Tire & Rubber Rejuvenator 16 oz. McKee's 37 Tire & Rubber Rejuvenator
McKee's 37 Tire & Rubber Rejuvenator is a heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser that safely removes unwanted browning, silicone-based tire dressings, dirt, and grime from your vehicle’s tires, leaving them squeaky clean and ready for application of McKee's 37 Tire Coating. McKee's 37 Tire & Rubber Rejuvenator deep cleans tires better than any other tire cleaner or all purpose cleaner available, and it will not cause your tires to turn brown. McKee's 37 Tire & Rubber Rejuvenator is the first step in prepping your tires for application of McKee's 37 Tire Coating.
Low Profile Tire Brush Low Profile Tire Brush
The Low Profile Tire Brush features hundreds of stiff nylon bristles that get into the nooks and crannies of your tire’s sidewall, removing stubborn road film and previously applied tire protectants. The curved handle minimizes fatigue on your hand while enabling maximum scrubbing power.
Carrand Brush & Shine Tire Dressing Applicator
The Carrand Brush & Shine Tire Dressing Applicator applies tire dressings evenly and neatly. Feathered bristles distribute the tire protectant while the sliding rim guard keeps your hands clean. Apply tire dressing just like the pros do it with the Carrand Brush & Shine Tire Dressing Applicator!
Flex Foam Tire Dressing Applicator
Less mess is the goal when it comes to applying tire dressings. Flex Foam Tire Dressing Applicators feature Flex Foam Technology™ which hugs the curve of the rubber to apply an even coat of tire dressing with no drips or pooling. Each applicator is 5 x 2 inches
Microfiber All Purpose & Wheel Detailing Towel Microfiber All Purpose & Wheel Detailing Towel, 2 Pack
Buff your wheels, paint, glass, chrome, and interior surfaces to a brilliant shine with the Microfiber All Purpose & Wheel Detailing Towel! It's paintwork-safe and the black color makes it the ideal towel for cleaning, polishing, and drying wheels.
Black Nitrile Gloves Sample Pack 1 Pair Black Nitrile Gloves
Our Black Nitrile Gloves will give your hands all the protection they need from polishes, grease, and solvents without reducing your tactile sense. Textured Black Nitrile Detailing Gloves allow you to grasp tools and bottles securely. Perform your toughest detailing jobs. Black Nitrile Gloves are tear and puncture resistant. They work almost as hard as you do!


Before applying McKee's 37 Tire  Coating you MUST use McKee's 37 Tire & Rubber Rejuvenator first
You MUST clean the tires with McKee's 37 Tire & Rubber Rejuvenator before applying McKee's 37 Tire Coating
**TIRES MUST BE CLEANED WITH McKee's 37 Tire & Rubber Rejuvenator**
  1. Ensure surface is cool to the touch.
  2. Thoroughly clean tires using McKee's 37 Tire & Rubber Rejuvenator until all browning and previously applied dressings are removed. The tires are cleaned properly when a white foam is produced as you scrub them. IF YOU NEGLECT TO PERFORM THIS STEP THEN THE COATING WILL NOT PROPERLY ADHERE.
  3. Allow the tire to dry completely before applying McKee's 37 Tire Coating.
  4. For best results, apply McKee's 37 Tire Coating with a soft-bristle brush, like the Carrand Brush & Shine Tire Dressing Applicator.
  5. Apply the coating directly onto the bristles and spread over face of tire, evenly distributing the coating.
  6. Pay special attention to raised letters, ribs, and grooves.
  7. If a glossier finish is desired, wait 30 minutes and apply a 2nd coat.
Apply McKee's 37 Tire Coating with a soft bristle brush
Apply McKee's 37 Tire Coating with a soft bristle brush
McKee's 37 Tire Coating dries to the touch
Thoroughly work the coating over the face of the tire
McKee's 37 Tire Coating lasts months, not weeks!
McKee's 37 Tire Coating will not fling off!

Kit includes:
4 oz. McKee's 37 Tire Coating
16 oz. McKee's 37 Tire & Rubber Rejuvenator
Low Profile Tire Brush
Carrand Brush & Shine Applicator
Pair of XL Black Nitrile Gloves
Flex Foam Tire Dressing Applicator
2 Qty Microfiber All Purpose & Wheel Detailing Towel

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McKee's 37 Tire Coating Kit

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93% Recommend this product (13 of 14 responses)
By Doc?s Detailing Done Right
Solon Ohio
May 2, 2018
Works great
Although the rubber cleaner needed help in my situation ( there was quite a bit of old tire coating to remove ) , everything worked great . The tire coating is really nice and the little bottle has done 2 coats on one car , three on another ( I was going for shine ) and one coat on a Silverado - and there is enough left to easily do one if not 2 more cars. Excellent product and great packaging as well.
By Ben
Lexington, kY
July 9, 2017
Excellent Kit
I've tried many tire dressing products--foams, liquid sprays and gels and got tired of the messy applicators and having it sling off the tire if I applied too much, as well as just not lasting very long. I gave up on foams years ago after finding polymer liquid spray products, using Meguiar's Hot Shine for years with very good results for the price--no sling, great wet look, but didn't last very long and I'm fairly certain it turned tires brown when the product would fade away. After finding Autogeek, I tried the Sonax gel--easier to apply as it's a gel, gives a high gloss wet look, no browning--but VERY difficult to apply sparingly--too much and it will fly off. But, it lasts quite a while and is my go to dressing for that high gloss wet look (now only if they could keep their bottle applicator cap from leaking). I decided to try this kit as I've been very pleased with McKee's 37 products and it's advertised as lasting quite a long time once applied (correctly). So this review is for the entire kit. The towels and gloves are nice, but a true Autogeek has all this anyway, so nothing to review there. The Tire and Rubber Rejuvenator is great, and got the tires clean with the included scrub brush as shown in the video. This prep does indeed take a while but you will see a difference in how clean the tires really become compared to just using soapy water and a brush. Don't use the TRR in direct sunlight as the TRR will evaporate/dry more quickly and it won't clean as well. I used approximately 1/3 of the bottle cleaning my GX 460 tires with a high sidewall. The product smells very much like Meguiar's Hot Rims wheel cleaner, so I'm curious about how chemically unique this cleaner is. Either way, did the job as advertised. The included cleaning brush did well and seems to be good quality; we'll see how it holds up. Tire Coating: This can be a messy step as the coating is more liquid than gel. I applied using the brush and it goes on evenly, doesn't run off and is very easy to work with. The brush is a great addition to my tool kit as well. After about 30 minutes the coating sets up and is dry to the touch--non-tacky, doesn't rub off. I hit the tires again for more gloss/shine. The great thing about this product is that it is so easy to work with and you do not need a lot--this little bottle will do many more vehicles. If it lasts as long as advertised, I'll throw all my other cleaners and dressings out except for the Sonax and use these McKee's products.
ProsAll-inclusive kit Products are easy to work with Gives a nice clean medium gloss look
ConsPricey but if it stays on as advertised, worth it. If you want a super high gloss wet look, this isn't it
By Luke
Costa Mesa, CA
April 24, 2017
Excellent product for tires. Applicator brush isn't necessary (if buying for it's value add in the kit)
The tire coating product is excellent. It drys to the touch and you can tell that it's going to last. Highly recommended. Cleaning: I went through the recommended process for cleaning virtually brand new tires (about 200 miles) with the Rejuvenator product. I could not get the product to foam at all (as indicated in the instructions), even after several rounds of applying the product, so I'm not sure exactly how to tell when the tire is completely clean. It was also unclear whether water was supposed to be used after the initial 1-2 minute soak of the Rejuvenator. It uses the terminology "wet brush often," which isn't clear whether it means with water or more Rejuvenator. Therefore, I did it without water for a couple of scrub sessions, and then with water for a couple of scrub sessions. I could not get foam either way. Coating: The coating self levels very well and is quite easy to apply with the foam applicator. I tried the supplied brush that seems to be the preferred applicator for the McKee's 37 guys, but I found it to be less precise, and the flicking of the bristles causes product to get sprayed on wheels and/or the car paint, which is not desirable for an acrylic based coating. The foam applicator easily got inside the various highs and lows of the tire lettering and soaked up enough product to get a lot on the tire fairly easily.
ProsTire coating is dry and looks very good. Easy to achieve desired shine based on number of coats applied. Foam applicator works well (not the brush)
ConsInstructions for the Rejuvenator are not very clear. Foaming did not happen. Applicator brush is sloppy. Use with caution. I preferred to stick with the foam applicator.
By Tom
August 17, 2016
This kit is awesome it's my second one. I use nothing else on my tires
By Dave
August 11, 2016
A dab will do
The rubber rejuvenator cleaner really works on the tires and even on black scuff marks from shoes on the plastic molding in my car door jams. I went with 3 coats for a nice shine but not that car dealer plastic tire shine. I used it on my black rubber mats and now look new. The kit works very well.
ProsStays on in the rain
Cons8oz bottle go for 2 tire coating bottles.