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DP Hydro Wet Seal Bucket Kit

DP Hydro Wet Seal Bucket Kit

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This wash kit doesn’t mess around!

The DP Hydro Seal Bucket kit is ready to give you the perfect wash! Mix the DP Car Shampoo in your 5-Gallon Bucket for a sudsy, safe and clean wash. Place the Green Grit Guard in your bucket to keep the contaminants out of your clean water. Add additional water beading power to your car’s surface with the DP Hydro Wet Seal, all with the ease of a spray bottle. The Lake Country Wash Wedge is a great washing tool to remove dirt, thanks its slotted surface. Finish it up with the Cobra Guzzle Waffle Weave for an expedient and absorbent finish.

Items in this kit:

DP Hydro Wet Seal
Cleaning your car is one thing, getting water beading action is another. With DP Hydro Wet Seal, you can get additional water beading and sheeting powers as you wash your car. DP Hydro Wet Seal leaves you with a glossy and hydrophobic surface with each application. With it’s convenient spray bottle DP Hydro Wet Seal is easy-to-use and will provide months of protection.

DP Car Shampoo
Nothing makes a car wash better than a sudsy, safe, car shampoo. DP Car Shampoo will shower your car with the rich goodness you’d appreciate in your own shower. DP Car Shampoo provides thick suds to clean the most contaminated of surfaces. The suds produced from DP Car Shampoo will attack contaminants on all your surfaces, including paint, glass, plastic and wheels. With a pH-balanced formula, DP Car Shampoo is safe to use on existing coatings and waxes.

5 Gallon Wash Bucket
The 5 Gallon Wash Bucket is a must-have for any detailer, hobbyist or professional. Fill it up with your favorite car shampoo and you’ll have plenty of soapy water to clean your car, large truck, SUV, RV, or boat.

Green Grit Guard
The raised radial surface fits in the bottom of any 5-gallon bucket and extracts grit from your wash mitt or sponge when you drag it across the Grit Guard. The dirt settles at the bottom of the bucket, so your wash water stays clean. The Grit Guard has a radial grid surface that scrapes dirt out of your mitt or sponge.

Lake Country Wash Wedge
The Lake Country Wash Wedge is an ingeniously designed gold foam wash sponge that features cross-cut and slotted grooves for safe, effective dirt removal. Constructed entirely out of premium gold foam, Lake Country’s softest foam, the Wash Wedge pampers your vehicle’s delicate finish to ensure the paint remains swirl and scratch free after every wash. Comfort-grip neoprene foam handle makes the Wash Wedge easy to hold on to, even with soapy hands.

Cobra Supreme Guzzler Waffle Weave
The Supreme Guzzler is 20% thicker than the original towel to give it an even greater capacity for moisture. At approximately 5.5 square feet, this waffle weave towel can dry most small cars without being rung out once! As you may well know, microfiber is made of two synthetic fibers: polyester and polyamide. Polyester accounts for the towel's durability and polishing properties while polyamide is silky soft. The plush 80/20 weave of the two fibers allow the towel to hold a tremendous amount of water; seven times its own weight!

Kit includes
1 16 oz. DP Hydro Wet Seal
1 16 oz. DP Car Shampoo
1 5-Gallon Wash Bucket
1 Green Grit Guard
1 Lake Country Wash Wedge
1 20x40” Cobra Supreme Guzzler Waffle Weave Towel

A total retail value of $90.94. Save $10.95!

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DP Hydro Wet Seal Bucket Kit