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Diamondite® Glass & Surface Cleaner 6 oz.

Diamondite® Glass & Surface Cleaner 6 oz.This powerful cleaner will prep your vehicle for acid rain spot removal and will buff away residue in a flash!

Diamondite Glass and Surface Cleaner is formulated to work in sync with the Diamondite Glass Cleaning & Protection Kit to leave glass crystal clear and streak-free. Use Diamondite Glass and Surface Cleaner to prep the glass for Spray Clay and then use the cleaner again to wipe the glass completely clean.

It is important to remember that Diamondite is a multi-step process, and to completely ensure that your Spray Clay works in the manner it was designed for, we recommend you use the Glass and Surface Cleaner to prep before and after application. Using the cleaner before will remove tiny particles that are embedded in your glass. Glass is not as smooth as it looks and feels, it’s actually “pitted”, and what lies in those pits are tiny particles of debris and dirt. Here is how Diamondite Glass and Surface Cleaner works:

Prep Prior to Spray Clay Use: Consider it the primer before the paint, except priming in this case is in the form of powerful cleaning. Apply the spray foam on your car’s windshield (and paint if desired). Once you spray, you will easily be able to see where you’ve targeted due to the white, foamy solution. The powerful detergents will seep within each groove and “pit” in the glass, as well as any scratch marks or grooves in your paint.

Use to Remove Residue and Haze: After you have applied Spray Clay, use this cleaner to buff away any haze or residue left behind. Diamondite Glass & Surface Cleaner removes heavy road film and is safe on tinted windowsRemember that it is normal to see such residue, and it is easily removable by using the Glass and Surface Cleaner. After you buff, you will see your windshield glass has a shiny, reflective finish, as all of the acid rain spots that once clouded the glass have disappeared for good.

After you have buffed the surface, you are ready to apply Diamondite Shield, to ensure the grooves are sealed. One can of Diamondite Glass and Surface Cleaner normally will clean two vehicles.

Acid rain can severely damage glass and paint, and Diamondite products were created to reverse the damage. Cloudy windshields are a thing of the past with this process. For the best results with the Diamondite Glass Cleaning and Protection Kit, begin and end the process with Diamondite Glass & Surface Cleaner.

6 oz.
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